* President Aquino vows to end culture of ‘wang-wang’. “To end the wang-wang culture in government, we employed zero-based budgeting to review programs. For this year and the last, zero-based budgeting has allowed us to end many wasteful programs. ” * President Aquino discussed that his administration focus to end culture of ‘wang-wang’ also resulted to a lesser Filipinos who experienced hunger. We have today a better economy, our country will have a cheaper, more reliable source of energy, more honest DPWH, no more over-importation of rice, better benefits for police and military. His government lines up new legislative measures for Filipinos to benefit, like better implementation of Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act was signed in 2003, more employment for the Filipino People, good health programs for the poor, his Congress passed a law synchronizing ARMM with the national elections, solutions to flooding problems, his DOST and UP have even teamed up to develop a prototype monorail system for our country. He calls on private sector to pay proper taxes…”Today we can see that our taxes are going where they should, and therefore there is no reason not to pay the proper taxes. I say to you: it’s not just the government, but our fellow citizens, who are cheated out of the benefits that these taxes would have provided. ” * Aquino makes a stand: ‘Spratly Islands are ours’ and his government will defend the country’s territory and sovereignty. * Aquino administration ready to submit proposed 2012 national budget to Congress. President Aquino appoints Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales as new Ombudsman. * President Aquino asks Filipinos to stop ‘culture of negativism’ or ‘crab mentality’. He said… “Let us stop pulling our fellow man down. Let us put an end to our crab mentality. Let us make the effort to recognize the good that is being done. ” “Let us end the culture of negativism; let us uplift our fellow Filipinos at every opportunity. ” “If you see something right, do not think twice—praise it. ”


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