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Some of the problems with existing systems is that they will eventually become outdated due to new software becoming available at an affordable price meaning that it would be a good time to get rid of the existing software. Another problem with older systems is that once they become outdated they will eventually slow down and become harder to use this could be because of the software no longer being supported meaning that there will be no new updates for the software. This could really hinder a business’s efficiency if they don’t have the computer hardware to run the latest software.Another problem that may come up is the software may become unstable meaning that the program may end up being buggy and it would be important to get a version of the software that will have constant update as having buggy software could lead to problems such as work becoming corrupt and crashing of the program. Upgrading may not have these problems as newer software will work faster than older software and have new update regularly. However reinstalling the software may help fix these issues but it is not guaranteedAnother prompt to upgrade may be to improve the security for your programs. Older programs that don’t have update support anymore will be left behind with outdate security features. This means that your files and work will be open to viruses and hackers which is a serious issue if it is in a business situation. Upgrading to new software will help this issue as they will have up to date security features.Upgrading you OS can also become a priority as making sure that your OS is the latest version is important as it will have all of the feature explained above as it will be less buggy than the older versions along with updated security and have a stable build. You can change OSs to different OSs all together as it may be and upgrade as different OSs have different strengths and weaknesses as Linux may have better security than windows but windows has a more user friendly interface, so it comes up to personal preference. (GYTISS, 2017)