Some people have the wrong opinion about moisturizing the lips by using saliva. As we know that in the saliva water contains some substances such as electrolytes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and some enzymes. One of the contents of saliva is an enzyme that can break down the elements of a food that we chew, enzymes are also that can break the lips, causing the lips look like chapped lips. There are other factors that saliva will quickly evaporate after contact with the outside air and make the lips come back dry and peel. And there is also a habit that causes chapped lips to bite the lips, the habit of biting the lips can be caused by a sense of nervousness and anxiety, is concentrating on certain things, or just to fight the boredom. Just as licking your lips, the habit of biting your lip can also threaten the health of your lips. When you bite the lips, the teeth will irritate the lips; making the layers torn and cracked, even bleeding.                 But when viewed from the other side of saliva has a lot of usefulness and benefits, one example is contained hesitate enzyme is a protein substance produced by saliva water which is believed to kill bacteria in the mouth, and this is supported also by the results of research studies According to a study conducted by Dutch researchers who have been published in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, states that saliva can help in accelerating wound healing in the body. Histati content that is part of the protein in saliva can act as an antibiotic that can help in killing bacteria and is responsible for the healing process of wounds such as chronic injuries associated with diabetes, traumatic injury, and burns.                According to the editor-in-chief of The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Gerald Weissmann states, “This study not only answers the biological question of why animals lick their wounds. It also explains why injuries in the mouth, such as wounds after tooth extraction, much faster than skin and bone wounds. It also leads us to start looking at saliva as a source of new drugs. “. There is a way that can be done to prove the usefulness of saliva, If in your face there are acne then you can rub saliva on the part that there are acne, if you routinely do it three times a day within 3 days, then the acne will shrink it is caused by Histati enzyme that kills the bacteria that causes the fungus. A solution that can prevent dry and cracked lips one of them is applying a special moisturizer lips all the time to protect from UV exposure, and added by drinking enough water to prevent dehydration so as to reduce the state of chapped lips.


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