The creation of science apparatuses such as telescopes has been instrumental for many scientists in creating better understanding of how our universe continues to evolve and expand. At the same time it gives us better appreciation and knowledge of how it continues to constitute life and further development. In the end, such devices are designed to support and improve on man’s pursuit towards grasping the natural phenomenon happening around us. One example of this is the Swedish Solar Telescope.

This device can be found in the island of Las Palma in Spain wherein it is formally called Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST) (The Royal Academy of Sciences, 2002). The devise started its operation last March with the opening of its aperture and adjustment of its adaptive optics. The Royal Academy of Sciences mentions that the telescope “enables solar astronomers to see and photograph solar details of smaller size than previously possible” (p. 1).

The design of the telescope revolves around the new innovations and can be classified to be a vacuum telescope and uses 1-meter diameter lens. Royal Academy of Sciences mentions that “by using a lens of a single glass, excellent image quality is obtained through very narrow filters, that isolate a single wavelength or color” (p. 1). At the same time, the telescope can be observed using different wavelengths by still advocating Cassegrain or Gregory designs.

Royal Academy of Sciences mentions that it involves redirecting “light from a small part of the Sun to a corrector that puts all colors together at a single focus” (p. 1). One interesting component of this solar telescope is the use of adaptive optics that is a new addition in large telescope design. This technique has been instrumental in helping scientists get clearer pictures and observations even at night time (Royal Academy of Sciences, 2002). It is then supplemented by the use of a wavelength sensor to actively adjust the optical imaging fit for its position and location.

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Royal Academy of Sciences argues that “The positions are measured and translated to commands to the deformable mirror, so that it takes the shape that compensates for the distortions” (p. 1). This device has been instrumental in helping scientists appreciate and comprehend the physical properties of the sun. At the same time it allowed them to conduct detailed analysis regardless of the time due to the telescopes ability to adjust and decipher information accordingly.

Currently, the SST telescope has been functioning to help guide research towards solar magnetic fields, its relative atmosphere and the formation of the solar spectra (Royal Academy of Sciences, 2002). To conclude, the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope is one example of how man creates devices to support their endeavors for learning. It is an application of old and new methods to create and serve its relative purpose. With its added functions, scientists can benefit and improve on their research which can make us better understand the conditions and situations of our environment in a clearer way.


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