Solar be used in the remote place where

Solar energy is a type of energy which we get from the
sun.This energy is produced only from the sun by sunlight and heat.It is an
eternal source of power.Now-a-days,people are using solar energy in different
phases of life all over the world.But at the beginning of the human
civilization,when coal or fossil fuels were not available,solar energy was the
only source of power.They used to make fire from the heat of the sun,cooking
foods and keep themselves warm at the time of winter.Now,with the development
of the technologies,this energy is using in different forms and has been
improved a lot.



The solar energy is using in many ways and consumes power.The
most known methods are:-

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solar cells

solar thermal power plants

solar heating system

Positive solar heating system



Among the above methods,,solar cell is most widely used
because of its low cost and small place for its substitution.It can even be
used personally in houses.In other methods,the costs is too high to carry by
the lower earning people of our country.Active solar energy systems generally
have higher efficiency than passive systems.Storage tank is mustly required for
these methods of using solar energy.But the efficiency of the solar power plant
is more than the others because it consumes and sustains more power from the
sun than other methods of using solar energy.


Lately, all the developed ,developing and other countries are
using fossil fuels,oils,coal etc. for using energy in various purposes like
electricity producing,train running,vehicle’s fuel etc.They are using solar
energy for the development of their transportation,power generation,industrial
evolvement.Though natural sources like oils,coal,fossil fuels etc. are
producing a huge amount of energy but at the same time they are polluting the
environment in different ways.The coal power plants beside the river pollute
the water.The ashes,fumes generated by the coal,oil leave an unhygienic mark on
the air.On the other hand,solar energy  is renewable and an environmental green energy
resource.It uses the sunlight of sun which is supposed to be unlimited.So there
is no risk of ceasing the solar energy resource.Moreover,It can be used in the
remote place where electric supply is not possible.So,for the upliftment of a
developing country like Bangladesh, the importance of solar energy is indisputable.

Solar energy is now used very widely .At first,this solar
power was used for reducing effort of people.But with the help of technology
and science,this solar power is now using for human civilization.Because of
commercial adaptation,it is now used like our everyday utensils.The most
important uses of solar energy are water heating, cooling,ventilating etc.Solar
cookers are used to collect energy from sunlight and.transforms it into heat for our
cooking.Saline is made by water treatment using distillation method.Now,solar
power can convert into electricity using photovoltaics.Chemical reactions can
now occur through solar chemical process and in this method different kinds of
fuel can be produced.Now,vehicles also start using solar panels for running air
conditioning system,heater etc.In a word,we can’t think the alternative of a
solar power and its uses.



energy and power has great influence on us.Solar energy is pollution free &
renewable.It is more safer to use than the conventional electrical current.For
using at night,we can consume this energy by using batteries.At rainy season
& cloudy environment,we can use the reserved power.It reduces our
dependence on coal,oils & fossil fuel energy resources.It creates job
oppurtunities for general people to lead a happy life.Like other energy
sources,this has some restraints.We can’t use it at night without any power
storage.At rainy and cloudy conditions,the sun gets covered by cloud,so the
solar power,which is generated from the sunlight,can’t produce.Maintenance and
installation costs of solar power plant is very high which is out of the reach
of people.Large power banks are needed to collect the energies but not so
enough for running a electric power plants to produce current which is
essential for us.Again, through using batteries,the energy can be collected but
the maintenance of it is very much expensive which is not possible for the
people of middle income countries like Bangladesh.So,those countries are
deprived of the advantages of solar power.





Despite of few advantages,solar power is very
necessary for human lives because of its advantages and importance.The
technologies of solar power have long-live facilities.The energy security of
countries all over the world will increase largely and environmental pollution
will be reduced if solar plant is set up properly.It is said in different
reports of international journals that solar power will provide 30% of total
energy produces all over the world around 2060.Solar power resources is now
become a crying need for us.If the politicians all over the world commit to
give more facilities for using solar power and make necessary arrangement for
building more solar power plants,then it will be a great contribution for the
good of general people.But we all should be conscious and come forward to work
for the developments.And if we can conquer the restraints of the solar power,then
it will be very helpful for mankinds and will change the next world.