Organizations should use software service providers for most of their software needs. This is because outsourcing the systems of information technology is much more economical since they can offer more reliable, relatively cheaper, and high quality software tested by experts. This reduces the operational costs of an organization. In addition a software provider who is specialized competitively aims meeting the market needs and therefore they are able to deliver products of high quality that can meet the need of specific market.

Furthermore, security of the software from service providers is sufficiently transparent and well trusted. Software service providers are able to build more experience of applications than the internal staff in an organization. They even keep the software systems available, up dated as well as managed since they have competent experts. They can as well redeploy the information technology tools and staff so as to focus on technology strategic projects that can impact the organization’s bottom line.

When making decisions for the need of software service provider the responsible persons should consider whether the organization has expert staff with enough time so as to determine the needs of the organization. They should also consider the record and information sources before purchasing the tools to be used since the software service provider may refuse to use them resulting to a loss or failure. In addition, they have to review on the areas which need to be improved.

They also need to consider the changes that may be done if the software providers will do that service again. Another factor of consideration is the time of implementation to make sure it is within the budget of the organization. The software service provider training is another factor to be considered so as to ensure the staff an organizations staff is well familiar with the software. Moreover, the support of post implementation is also another factor that should be considered to ensure the service will be reliable.

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