“Software of order. 2.1.12 Allow Online Product reviews

 “Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for E-Commerce (myntra) Submitted as an Assignmentpurposeby Shaikh Shadab Ishrat                                                                         to              ContentsTable of Contents1.

Introduction                1.1 SRS                1.2 Scope                1.3 Definitions, Acronymsand Abbreviations  2.

Overall Description            2.1 SpecificRequirements                        2.1.1    Productdetails2.1.2    Search Facilities2.

1.3    Maintain customer profile.2.1.4    Provide personalized profile2.1.5    Provide Customer Support.2.

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1.6    Email confirmation.2.

1.7    Detailed invoice for customer2.1.8    Provide shopping cart facility2.1.9    Online tracking of shipments2.1.10  Allow multiple payment methods.

2.1.11  Allow online change or cancellation of order.2.1.12  Allow Online Product reviews and ratings2.

1.13  Offer online promotions and rewards.2.1.14  Online Purchase of products. 3.

Requirement analysis                        3.1       platform requirement                                    3.1.

1    Supportiveoperating system                        3.2       Software Requirements                        3.3       Hardware Requirements                        3.4       Feasibility Study                                    3.4.

1    Technical Feasibility                                    3.4.2    Economic Feasibility                                    3.4.3    Legal Feasibility        1.

Introduction  1.1 SRS:– The Software Requirements Specification isdesigned to document and describe the agreement between the customer and thedeveloper regarding the specification of thesoftware product requested .Its primary purpose is to provide a clear anddescriptive “statement of user requirements” that can be used as a reference in further development of the software Software.

This Software Requirements Specification aimsto describe the Functionality, ExternalInterfaces, Attributes and Design Constraintsimposed on Implementation of the software Software described throughout therest of the document. Definingand describing the functions and specifications of Software  is the primary goal of this SoftwareRequirements Specification (SRS). This Software Requirements Specificationillustrates, in clear terms, the Software’s primary uses and requiredfunctionality as specified by our customer  1.

2 ScopeThesoftware Software being produced is called E-Commerce Software. It is beingproduced for a customer interested in selling goods via Internet.ThisSoftware is cross-platform and is available to anyone using the Computer .

ThisE-Commerce Software will allow any user to create an account to become acustomer. The customer, through the process of account creation, will have theoption to become a member of the site. The Software will allow customers tobrowse, search, select, and add goods to a shopping cart.

Check out goods in shoppingcart and decrement the stock that the inventory the Software maintains.Itwill also allow, on an inventory wide basis, customers and sellers to interactwith a promotion Software that handles percentage-off promotions that can beapplied to member’s orders. 1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, andAbbreviations  FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Shopping cart An object that lists a Customer’s selected Items, their applied promotions and gives them an option to check out SRS Software Requirements Specification Item An individual entity in the inventory which has several descriptive attributes: Barcode, Price, Reorder Threshold, Stock Pin number The unique id given to either customer or merchant who access the data in the site Data mining The process of collecting, searching through, and analyzing a large amount of data in a database, as to discover patterns or relationships. Tracking A line of travel or motion, a course or route followed.     2.

Overall DescriptionIntroductionThe term “Electronic commerce” (or e-Commerce) refersto the use of an electronic medium to carry out commercial transactions. Mostof the time, it refers to the sale of products via Internet, but the termecommerce also covers purchasing mechanisms via InternetMainly all the current ecommerce websites are showing thesimilar amount of things The main purpose of all the e commerce is to maximizethe the business of the organization. This proposed Software will also performalmost the similar amount of things but with some of the additional data, wehave maked this Software hassel free , we can do payment in many types of way,the uniqueness in this project is that people will able to buy this product invarious other way, like anybody can do the payment if the customer isnot havingsufficient balance   2.1Specific Requirements ·        The Software must display all the products that canbe configured.·        The Software must allow user to select the productto add cart·        The Software must display all the availAblecomponents of the product to configure·        The Software must enable user to add one or more componentto the configuration..·        The Software must allow user to update theconfiguration to resolve conflict in the current configuration.·        The Software must allow user to confirm thecompletion of current configuration 2.

1.1 Productdetails.·       The Software must display detailedinformation of the selected products.·        The Software must provide browsing options to seeproduct details. ·        The Software mustdisplay detailed product categorization to the user. 2.

1.2 Search facility. ·        The Software mustenable user to enter the search text on the screen. ·        The Software mustenable user to select multiple options on the screen to search. ·        The Software mustdisplay all the matching products based on the search ·        The Software mustdisplay only 100 matching result on the current screen.

 ·        The Software mustenable user to navigate between the search results. ·        The Software mustnotify the user when no matching product is found on the search.  2.1.3  Maintain customer profile. ·        The Software mustallow user to create profile and set his credential. ·        The Software mustauthenticate user credentials to view the profile. ·        The Software mustallow user to update the profile information.

 2.1.4        Provide personalized profile ·        The Software mustdisplay both the active and completed order history in the customer profile. ·        The Software mustallow user to select the order from the order history. ·        The Software mustdisplay the detailed information about the selected order. ·        The Software mustdisplay the most frequently searched items by the user in the profile. ·        The Software mustallow user to register for newsletters and surveys in the profile.

 2.1.5  Provide Customer Support. ·        The Software mustprovide online help, FAQ’s customer support, and sitemap options for customersupport.

 ·        The Software mustallow user to enter the customer and product information for the support. ·        The Software mustdisplay the customer support contact numbers on the screen. ·        The Software mustallow user to enter the contact number for support personnel to call. ·        The Software mustdisplay the online help upon request.

 ·        The Software mustdisplay the FAQ’s upon request. 2.1.6  Email confirmation.

 ·        The Software mustmaintain customer email information as a required part of customer profile. ·        The Software mustsend an order confirmation to the user through email. 2.1.7          Detailedinvoice for customer. ·        The Software mustdisplay detailed invoice for current order once it is confirmed. ·        The Software mustoptionally allow user to print the invoice.

 2.1.8          Provideshopping cart facility. ·        The Software mustprovide shopping cart during online purchase. ·        The Software mustallow user to add/remove products in the shopping cart. 2.1.9          Onlinetracking of shipments The Software must allow user to enterthe order information for tracking.

 The Software must display the currenttracking information about the order. 2.1.10     Allow multiple payment methods. ·        The Software mustdisplay available payment methods for payment.

 ·        The Software mustallow user to select the payment method for order. 2.1.

11     Allow online change or cancellation of order. ·        The Software mustdisplay the orders that are eligible to change. ·        The Software mustallow user to select the order to be changed. ·        The Software mustallow user to cancel the order ·        The Software mustallow user to change shipping, payment method.

 ·        The Software mustnotify the user about any changes made to the order.  2.1.

12     Allow Online Product reviews and ratings ·        The Software mustdisplay the reviews and ratings of each product, when it is selected. ·        The Software mustenable the user to enter their reviews and ratings.   2.1.13         Offer online promotions and rewards.

 ·        The Software mustdisplay all the available promotions to the user. ·        The Software mustallow user to select available promotion.  2.1.

14     Online Purchase of products The Software must allow user toconfirm the purchase. The Software must enable user to enterthe payment information.  Chapter 3.Requirement Analysis3.1   Platform Requirement: Ourproposed Software comprises of a webapplication for E-commerce,& a mobile application for customer / users. Each of their requirements are as statedbelow.  •  Web Application for E-commerce•  Mobile Application for end users•  Back end Management Software  3.1.

1   Supportive OperatingSoftware : MOBILE OPERATING SOFTWARE Mobile OS is the platform on top of which other programs, called applicationprograms, can run on mobiledevices such as mobilephones, Smart phone, and hand held computers. The most commonoperating Software’s (OS) used in smart phonesare: Android from Google Inc. (open source,Apache)Android was developed by a small startup companythat was purchased by Google Inc.

, and Google continues to update the software. Android is an open source, Linux-derived OS backed by Google, along with major hardware and software developers (such as Intel, HTC, ARM, Samsung, Motorola and eBay, to name a few), that form the Open Handset Alliance. Released on November 5th 2007, the OS has a followingamong programmers.  There have been many releases of Android .All are nicknamedafter a dessert item like Cupcake (1.

5) or FrozenYogurt (2.2). Most majormobile service providers carry an Androiddevice.  3.2      Software Requirement :The Software Requirements in this projectinclude:·      Operating Software: WindowsXP, Windows 7 or Windows8 ·        IDE: Eclipse with STS Plugin,android studio ·        Application Server: Apache Tomcat 7.0.67 ·        Front End: HTML5, JavaScript, j Query, AJAX and CSS, ·        Database: MySQL ·        Browser: Chrome or Firefoxor Internet Explorer  3.3      Hardware Requirement: •  Processor: Intel Core i3 or Higher / android minimumlollipop •  RAM: minimum 2GB/4GBfor computer •  RAM: minimum 512MBfor android  3.

4       Feasibility Study A feasibility study aims to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existingbusiness or proposed venture, opportunities and threats present in the environment& the resources 3.4.1     Technical feasibility The project member was very much familiarwith the basic website building, so with the help of that, we haveconverted it into the androidmembers of the project also have ideas about the android , which help us to build a proper applicationthe mainlyused skills was HTML,CSSJavaScript there were requiredexperts were present for possible solution for our problems  3.

4.2      Economic Feasibility This projectrequires a computerSoftware to develop the softwareand a server Softwareto host the application. Rest everything is softwarerequirement. by economicalso it is feasible like parking demand in future,and also financialanalysis is also feasible  3.4.3      Legal Feasibility Thisproject is developed with a premium template which is legallypurchased from the developersand are authorized to use it for personal purpose.Also the major idea behind the project is our own idea and does not conflict with other existing Software’s idea. Hence legally projectis feasible to be developed  Chapter 3 Software Design  3.

1    System basic FlowArchitectureGiven below figure describe the figure of theflow of  the entire architectureWhenever the end user will enter the website withthe help of computer or android application, the entire website must bedisplayed to the user within 15 sec , it’s our responsibility to make thewebsite responsive , & it should be user friendly simultaneouslySince as per the survey done, maximum number fthe people mostly prefer mobile phone over the laptop, so it may allow the userto login, register or search the product as a guest, after that user willsearch for the respected product & proceed to checkout after doing paymentit will give notification to the seller to dispatch the order from warehouse. Warehouseis the place where entire items is to be kept, successfully confirmation by thewarehouse will let the item go for quality & services for packaging process,After the completion of the entire packaging, product isready to get dispatchedto the customer                                                                               Figure3.1 Architecture of the project  3.

2    Use case Diagram The purposeof use case diagram is to capture the dynamic aspect of a Software.Use case diagramsare used to gatherthe requirements of a Softwareincluding internal and externalinfluences. These requirements are mostlydesign requirements. So when Softwareis analyzed to gather its functionalities use cases are prepared and actors are identified.    Use case diagrams are used to gather the requirements of Software includinginternal and external influences.

These requirements are mostly design requirements. So when Software is analyzed to gather its functionalities use cases are prepared and actors are identified.   3.2      Activity Diagram Activity diagram is another important diagramin UML to describedynamic aspects of the Software. Activity diagram is basicallya flow chart to representthe flow form one activity to another activity.The activity can be described as an operation of the Software.

So the controlflow is drawn from one operationto another. This flow can be sequential, branched or concurrent. Activity diagramsdeals with all type of flow control by using different elementslike fork, join etc. Activity is a particular operationof the Software. Activitydiagrams are not only used for visualizing dynamic nature of a Softwarebut they are also used to constructthe executable Software by using forwardand reverse engineering technique               


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