The structure is comprehensive with regard to content and planned into various knowledge areas. It serves as a facilitation tool to gather knowledge and resources over a large array of software engineering methodologies and concepts. Purpose of the website: The concentration is over the various software engineering methods which enhances the knowledge transition process. The development of the software is laid under these methods. The various other learning resources put up at the site is a great approach to spread knowledge and awareness for the software engineering subject.

Positives and Negatives: The resources leading to successful development of software technology is found less than one site. The resources are updated and several case studies are added on regular basis which makes the site appropriate for consultation at the same time. The best practices links provide the standards to be followed for developing a system. The methodologies described are traditional and theory oriented which is often not used for software development and configuration.

Learning Objectives The website presents a large heap of knowledge material on various aspects of software engineering and other aspects which devote availability of information for the readers to consult and use in the knowledge and development of software system. The biggest learning factor is the engineering methods for developing a system which is of special interest in this discussion from the heap of topics discussed. The various philosophies for system development take into account the various schools of thought for planning and organizing a system development process.

The qualitative and quantitative aspects result into a median behavior which ensures a balance between the system development strategies and system environment constraints. The engineering philosophies of designing a system traces back to the various hardware manufacturing industries which were primarily responsible for manufacturing a device at the assembly line. At every stage the product’s concept would be developed further and enhance the design and planning.

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At the end of the manufacturing life cycle the product is ready for deployment. This philosophy is adapted for the software development. The various stages of the software development take a definite approach to enhance the development process of the final product. The combination of the several stages namely the planning, organizing, design, coding, testing and implementation correlate the exact methods used at the assembly line for manufacturing (Avison, 2003).

The engineering philosophies draw its background from the manufacturing industry which entails assembly line techniques for fetching the final product. The set of protocols which are devised in the assembly line transforms the product from the very initiation stage to the final deployable product. The various set of rules govern the working principle of the product and assists in transformation of the product through various stages.

The rules bind the development process and compliance would ensure better software (Brien, 2002). Similarly, the engineering philosophies fetch a better analysis of the past development approaches which has been based on several experiences and calculations for development. The framework lays emphasis on the defined stages and phases that are required to be strictly followed for the development of the system. The engineering process has in-bound plans and organization behavior to dictate the system development.


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