Population in the world is increasing day by day. This could be linked to the improved medical services and reduced mortality rate. In the world, China and India are the most populated countries with China having a population of more than 1. 3 billion. In terms of economics, increased population is an advantage. Since, increase in population increases the labor workforce and market that translates to economic growth. However, there are arguments against this issue. Some scholars believe increase in population may be a disadvantage.

This issue relates to the United States of America where the country consumes a larger percentage of the world’s nonrenewable resources. There have been different discussions on this issue. These scholars believe that the large population of the country account for this. In this write up, there will be an ample analysis on the issue. China and India are the most populated countries in the world. China population alone is more than 1. 3 billion. These countries enjoy large labor force and market, but have not yet fully tap these resources.

However, these two countries do not consume as much as the United States in terms of nonrenewable resources. However, United State of America with a population of more than 300 million consumes a large percentage of the world’s nonrenewable resource. For instance, the country consumes 25 percent of the world’s energy resources, which is a nonrenewable resource. People argued that it has to with the country’s population. This could be true, but it has to be proved.

In the world we live today, hypotheses are subjected to test. Therefore, to conclude on this issue it has to be proven right or wrong. Moreover, other factors rather than population could cause or account for this. However, let us use another approach on this issue. In terms of economics, a country with a large population is at an advantage of increased labor force and large markets for investments. When a country has a large population, there is a large prospect for returns on investment in such country.

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Since, there will be a large demand and this is the main factor one considers when planning investing. United States is a country that exports more of manufactured good and services that will require energy. In a way, consumption increases due to the increase in population. In view of the fact that, increase in population leads to increase in demand. Therefore, productivity has to increase. Then industries will require more energy in other to increase productivity.

In a way, population influences the increased consumption of nonrenewable resource by the US. However, other factors might account for this consumption rather than population. In future, the country may face series of risks and repercussions. The country may face many problems unless the right strategies and actions are put in place. Global warming is one of the repercussions the country may face in future. This is due to the activities of the various industries within the country.

In addition, reduction in the world’s nonrenewable resources, water shortage, biological effects of ozone layer on plants, animals and humans are some of the challenges US might face in future. In conclusion, population might not be the real issue that influences the consumption of a larger percentage of the world’s nonrenewable resources by the US. Other facts account for this. Finally, United States of America could be faced with series of problems in future if the population growth is not checked. Increase in population should be an advantage for countries and not problem.


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