I opine that society is a group of humans represented in their distinct culture and tradition, in which it is habituated to hosting individuals of varied behavioral pattern. In my view, Society breeds Crime in such a way as the former perpetually authors and executes corrective measures to bring criminals to justice. Teenage rebellion from peer pressure or mental health problems stimulating a crime act or failure to rehabilitate ex-offenders into society – may be the few of the lot reasoning disorder in society. High levels of crime may damage community spirit and result in less neighborliness.

People may simply want to ‘keep themselves to themselves’ for fear of harassment” (Crime and Society). Talking about solution to the problem, I believe, the role of a criminologist takes paramount importance. “A criminologist develops profiles of criminals and criminal behavior using research and studies that examine psychological behavior, social issues, environmental factors, education levels and biological factors” (What is a Criminologist? ) .

In a nutshell, criminologists study crime and criminal behavior to help law enforcement agencies combat it. They have a pivotal role to play in criminal justice, and aspire to become law enforcement agents like police, FBI, CIA – who are part of a broader criminal justice field. Ironically, crime is inevitable consequence of any society, and, the better structured and organized the society, the lesser the crime rate. The word justice is prudently put in criminal justice, as laws applied to a crime accused should be fair and unbiased.


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