Deviance is said to be the violation of the norm which is said to be followed in a certain society. Social norms are those rules or expectations towards the behavior that a certain group of people or society share and has in common. As an explanation to the concept of society to define deviant, this is explained to be the behavior of a certain person in a society which tends to deviate from the normative patterns of the society where that certain person belongs.

Deviant is said to be those certain people who tends not to follow or violate the normative consensus of their organized society (Bryant). As a further discussion on who commits deviance in the society, those who are said to be law-breakers are considered as deviant people. This includes a murderers, offenders, homosexuals, people who commits suicidal, polygamy, and substance abusers.

They are the ones who tend to break the rule by making or committing something immoral for the society’s concept of immorality or activities which are unaccepted by the society and the society’s norms. In order for people to survive and successfully be active in a social group as a member, they are subjected to coordinate as well as to comply with the rules and policies that a certain society imposes them.

This is for the people in a society to establish a mutual relationship which involves sharing the same beliefs, practices, principles, and norms (Bryant). The people who should be punished for deviance are those who commit a serious violation towards others such as killing, those people who are sexually dragged which leads them to commit rape, and also the societal environment which imposes a great account of influence towards those people who tends to violate their society’s law.

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People who commit violations are punished only when their cases were considered as a serious type of deviance and there are three ways in order to measure the seriousness of the crime or violation committed by the deviant as suggested by Hagan which includes the degree of the authority’s agreement towards the wrongfulness of the act, the societal view on the impact, damage, or harm which is caused by the act, and the level of the severity of the society’s response towards the act made (Bryant).

In order to prevent deviants from ruining the stability of the society, certain powerful or authoritative people in a certain society tends to control the deviant behavior through labeling violators as deviant and motivating the offenders or violators by implementing a reward or punishment strategy in order to change or alter the violator’s behavior as well as to change their thoughts towards doing the law-breaking activity (Sociologycentral).

People with power in a certain community also tends to use their influence to force the violator out of the society, or in other term, isolate the offender from and disregard him as a member of the society. Isolation is done through ridiculing the person from the others in the society.

These two strategies shows how the society tends to control social deviants basically by the deviant’s internal psychological process (Sociologycentral). A powerful member of the society which has a direct authority towards the society members has the ability to impact, influence, persuade, and even pressure his or her members in order to avoid committing societal violations or deviances.

They may also control the society by using threats as well as punishment in order to stop the threatening risks on social stability (Sociologycentral). In this case, serious type of deviance may be stopped or lessen in order to secure the society’s organization and on the other hand, non-serious type of deviance act can be tolerated and motivated to be a positive deviance instead of being negative towards the society.


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