Multicultural Education is a major and profound social change today. Advocates of teaching different culture encourages good educational relationship among teachers and students of different races. This paves the way for a more pluralistic and democratic society and helps to avoid discrimination and oppression among students as well. “Multicultural education harbors a place for a multitude of voices in a multicultural society and a place for many dreams” (Hanley, 2007)

The acculturation process is also one of the great societal factors in the field of education, wherein the cultural differences are taught on students in order to co-relate with their classmates from different culture and race. This is done to avoid alienation in terms of differences in color, beliefs and practices. “Culture is what we learn and create to make sense of the world.

The discontinuity between the cultures of poor and ethnic minority students and the culture of schooling affects academic under achievement and failure” (Nielson, 1991, Nieto 1997). Engaging students in multicultural environment gives them good education. At the same time, this makes them more culture-oriented well beings. With these changes in the society and education there will be no barriers in terms of relationship and socialization among students.

As stated by Greene (1995), “People trying to be more fully human must not only engage in critical thinking but must be able to imagine something coming of their hopes; their silence must be overcome by their search” (p. 25). A more enjoyable learning is experienced being friends with people from other nationalities. Through multicultural education and acculturation process, another aspect of human justice is put into priority since it increases the level of respect for different people of different races.

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