Socialists, like the Republicans saw WW1 as an opportunity for Ireland. They wanted to rebel against and attack Britain. Their aim was to set up a Socialist Parliament in Dublin. The Socialists believed that the war was between the European Working classes, and that it had been set up by the Upper Classes.

James Connolly was born in Edinburgh of Irish parents. He was a Socialist and he led the Irish Citizen Army (ICA), a body of Socialists.


Irish Farmers experienced a boom in sales of their products when the war began. During the war Irelands economy prospered. Vegetables, meat etc were needed for troops and for the Irish people. Farmers also exported to England where grocery prices were high. Because of this they supported the war effort.

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Industrialists, e.g Harland and Wolff shipbuilders in Belfast experienced a massive boom in sales, like Farmers. They had to recruit new employees to build ships for the war effort, warships for the navy and also many vessels which resembled warships and battleships, but were not, so as to trick the enemy into believing that the British army was larger than It actually was.


Women were left behind at home during the war. However they played a very important part in the War. They became known as the Home Front because they took over all the jobs the men used to do, and basically kept the country running. Initially they were very supportive of the war but as it dragged on and on attitudes changed and when husbands and sons came home badly wounded or did not come home at all, women became anti- WW1.

Countess Markievicz ( A Sinn Fein MP) was the leader of the Irish Suffragette movement. She and others womens rights activists campaigned for the vote for women in Ireland, using the argument that the women had kept the country going whilst the men were away.

Young People

Irelands young initially felt patriotic, were swept up in things and were all too willing to help out and do their duty in the war. But, like the women once people started dying and once the glamour of going to France wore off attitudes began to change, Young people soon turned against the war and the war effort.


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