Social Work in a Digital Age

Long time ago, social workers began their work always used typewriters; hard copy and services were provided to consumer in offices or homes. Now social workers have the option to communicate with consumer on social networking, they provide online services to people. They dont meet in person. The electronic records in the virtual “cloud”, E-mail, and text messages with consumer by their smartphones. Social work’s profession Includes online social networking, e-mail, video counseling nd cybertherapy.

The digital and electronic have ethical and risk management issues including consumer privacy, and conflicts of interest, boundaries and dual relationships, practitioner competence, consultation and consumer referral, documentation, and research evidence, termination and Interruption of services. These diverse digital, online, and electronic tools pose compelling ethical issues for social workers.

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Since social work’s formal inauguration in the late 19th century, the profession has developed increasingly sophisticated and comprehensive ethical tandards. anks,2006; Barsky, 2009; Congress, 1999; Dolgoff, Loewenberg, & Harrington, 2008; Reamer, 2006b) When social worker chose use digital and electronic forms of technology to serve consumer that have a moral obligation to keep secret their information. The digital technology deliver service has added a new challenging confldentlallty and privacy issues. Also has Introduced new and complicated boundary Issues. For example, If social workers choose not accept a consumer’s friend request on the social networking, maybe let consumer to feel a bad.

Social workers use of online and other electronic tools to provide services will has potential benefits and risks. People need for help during no working time or schedule cannot cooperate; social worker can access services remotely any time. They are easy to miss some information for consumer when they use the only online and by telephone, for example, Internet breakwire and bad connection. The social worker may not be well served by client because they dont need face to face. To protect client and them must be know ethical risk.

Ethical risk has three kinds ethical istakes, ethical decisions, and ethical misconduct. In conclusion, social workers may not be well, but they effective ways of helping people in life. They should continue their mind push new ways of helping and must fall within the profession’s moral. Discussion Questions 1 . The article is a case to inform people what is the ethical challenge for people during the Electronic age. What are the risks between social networks communication? 2. What businesses have to do when they have conflict between ethical codes and money? 3. During the electronic age, people could buy whatever 1 eep people’s personal information?

Response to Discussion Questions The types of the risks The social network disorders the boundary line between personal and work life that is ethical challenges. When personal opinions through social networks to a company, may leak or miss same information by Internet or phone. This suggests a company to develop and guidance for employees how to correct use the social networks. The company’s social network should be conform to ethics and overlap with other policy, and confidentiality of information.

Social network has created new chance and challenge for company also will bring ig benefit. If company has clear ethical values, and know how to deal with there affect the ethical challenges that will have nice future. The conflict between ethical codes and money It is easy for companies to meet this question, but it is always hard to answer the question, especially when companies have hard times on making money. Giving customers’ personal information to other could earn a lot of money for sure, but this action not only betraying customers’ trust, but also breaking laws.

Ethical codes in information security are both protecting customers’ personal information and rotecting the company itself from breaking laws. There are some companies could not resist the attraction of money and sale customers’ personal information. They always making a one-time business, which means after they sale the information they will cancel their companies to avoid law responsibilities, but they will be caught sooner or later. Money is important to all profit companies, but ethical codes are also important.

A company without enough ethical codes, it would not become a successful company even though it earns a lot. The way to keep people’s security The high speed developing of internet technology make people have more ways to enjoy their works and more ways to shopping, but also people have to care more about their personal security. When people find there has beautiful clothes on sale online but the shops nearby their houses do not have those kinds of clothes, they may choose to buy those clothes online or by cellphone. But is it safe to put card information or personal information online? There has no right answer.

No matter people choose use internet, text, or direct phone contact, all information would be ending to those online shops. That is why ethical codes are so important to those online companies. Although there has no right answer on the types, people can still choose a safer one according to the situation. For example, when people have internet, computer, and cellphone, computer online shopping would be suggested. As computers are human necessities, the security and protection of it would be comparably complete, but people still have to making sure they are on the right webpage and their computer do not have virus.