Pretty but Ugly In today’s world it seems as though no matter how perfect a woman may look , she would still find a flaw in her body and do anything thing it takes to perfect herself. In “The ugly truth about beauty”, Dave Barry points out that most women tend to obsess over their physical appearance. He also states that most men don’t notice when a woman has put countless hours into getting ready for the evening. I do agree that some women will do extreme things for the perfect body, but disagree when he says men don’t appreciate the countless hours a woman takes to get ready.

The other day while I was watching television, I couldn’t help but notice that almost all the people on television seemed to be physically perfect. Not once did I see an over weight hostess or a crooked smile. I believe this is what fuels the desire for women to spend countless hours and money on perfecting the way they look. These days it is as though a woman must have a pass to the gym and have a perfect tan throughout the year. Not only that, but also have the right clothes to match the season.

Don’t get me wrong, I think women should take time to make themselves look good but not obsess over it. I don’t think women should starve themselves to stay skinny nor have plastic surgery for no apparent reason. I think women feel that if they don’t look like a model, men will not think they are attractive. In reality I do think that men would like all women to look like models but don’t really care if they aren’t. Dave Barry states that most men don’t notice women even if they have spent half the day getting ready.

I find that not to be true in my experiences and feel that most men really do appreciate the work a lady has put into getting ready, but don’t tell them as often as they should. In conclusion I feel that Dave Barry is correct in his observation that the obsession for beauty is pretty ugly. Pretty in the perfection of the physical form but ugly in what it takes to achieve it. The only point I disagree on would be that I feel that there are men in the world that can appreciate a women taking their time to dress up .

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