Social social worker important? Social worker helps people

Social work can meet the best needs of children of illegal immigrants. What makes a social worker important? Social worker helps people endure with challenges in every stage of their lives. They are responsible for helping individuals, families and groups of people to cope with their problems that they are facing to improve their patients lives. In my opinion a social worker should be imperative with immigrant clients, as with any other client, to connect these individuals with the services and programs available to best meet their needs. The eligibility laws often don’t include certain classes of immigrants from access to programs and services, social workers are usually confronted with different challenges when working with immigrants. A social worker should also keep in mind that there is a wide range diversity within each group that every story is different, and there different paths which to arrive at any particular immigrant status. In “Caught in the Middle: Supporting Families Involved with Immigration and Child Welfare Systems” explain how a social worker can face unique needs of immigrant families. They talk about the action steps a social worker does, even though they might not be experts on immigration issues. One of the different action steps that they take to familiarize themselves with is they “contact an immigration specialist”(Meruvia) to understand the different options available and the recent changes to immigration policies. Another step that they take is “Understanding the immigration status” is used to understand the status in which children, youths and their parents may hold. It could also include permanent residents, natural citizens refugees and an undocumented person. Every category that social workers may use hold a different right. Social worker is required to contact ICE to locate the child’s parents and ensure that the child’s rights are protected. “ICE has several resources that parents, family members and social workers can access” (Meruvia). When locating the family members to care for the children, to serve as kinship placement or a permanent connection. They can gather full information to be able to help on search of a legal guardian or family member. An organization can get a child with their family when separated by the international borders support to ensure that they are part of the permanency planning process. The immigration policy changes are critical to make sure that families remain together despite the immigration status. In the “The Influence of Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work Practice with Immigrants” by Fernandez-Borrero, they did research where they analyzed the interaction between the intercultural sensitivity scale and other variables. When doing the research they studied the basic elements in the intercultural social work are “associated with the conscious competence of motivation for the encounter, intercultural knowledge and development of cultural skills, as well as the long term level of self-attributed intercultural competence, while medium levels are associated with conscious incompetence”(Fernandez-Borrero 456). The results showed that the social workers who are trained in cultural diversity have a higher intercultural sensitivity scale levels and mainly highly self confidence and have a high competencies. In my last source in “Combating the Fear: Fulfilling Social Work’s Ethical Obligation to Undocumented Immigrants” they stated that there was an outrage over the United States have a high number of undocumented immigrants that lead to legislative efforts that were diciplinary in the nature towards the United States population. Social workers increasingly grew because of the immigration population, social workers have been concerned with helping immigrants to make their transition into the American society. An honest obligation to advocate for undocumented immigrants who were being exploited purposes based off of politics. This article by Tina Hancock from North Carolina State University at Raleigh, stated how “although it is true that many Latino immigrants are poor and come to the U.S. with few skills, a more open door policy would allow for the development of potential talent in these and subsequent generations of immigrants”(Hancock). A social worker educator should be more concerned about the latino immigrants, they should view it as a new version as “social contract” between the society and the undocumented immigrants. Immigrants are on the margins of society hanging by law that determine their fates as temporary guest workers, felons or even legal citizens of the United States. Social workers should focus on supporting the human rights of the population to be treated with decency and self-determination. Together we can assure that immigrants would have the resource and tools required to be able to achieve their success. Work CitedFernández-Borrero, Manuela A., et al. “The Influence of Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work Practice with Immigrants.” British Journal of Social Work, vol. 46, no. 2, Mar. 2016, pp. 444-462. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1093/bjsw/bcu113.National Association of Social Workers (2013). Families & immigration: A quick resource guide. Washington, DC: AuthorSocial Work’s Ethical Obligation to Undocumented Immigrants,