When people walk in to a dinning room and settle down for a meal, one person blows has nose then gets down on the meal without bothering to wash his hands then proceeds to eat with a spluttering rhythm and keep on talking while eating the meal, pulling his hand across the table to help himself with some more servings without asking the others to pass the items on to him. This is a situation of pure failure to recognize table manners and it makes the people at the table feel awkward as the social norms here are violated.

The people around these individuals without norms feel wronged and may withdraw from the table as a step of showing this discontentment and may avoid this person in future. However they can also decide to teach this person the importance of observing the norms of the society because these are features that have been with humanity for along period of time and thus become entrenched in the society as rules of behavior and going against them can call for the appropriate proscription to be enacted.

American values norms are categorized differently as follows:- Ideal vs. reel norms: The ideal norms refer to what the society regards as applicable in perfect circumstances while real norms are applicable in the normal day to day life. The universal norms like parenting or marriage demand a perfect situation but due to the normal difficulties associated with life, Americans find themselves living the reality and just using the ideal as a measurement of conformity.

Any American will do what he or she thinks is required of a situation without considering how ideal it is because the day to day life do not offer people a chance to go for perfection in most cases, but as long as something is done right, the level of how ideal it is never cross our minds. Established vs. mergent norms: – The established norms refers to those rules that have been traditionally ground in the human society and therefore enjoy intergenerational transmission over the years; the emergent norms refer to those that are recently evolved by virtue of new situations, people go about their lives sharing their problems with each other and creating solution based norms when problems arise which had not been experienced in the past.

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Cultural norms have been there for ages and brings with them solutions for the problems that were faced earlier on but today the changing life styles are coming with new ideas that need to be addressed and incorporated in the social norms. For instance the most recent one being same sex marriages and the society is trying to accept it as away of life which calls for the creations of norms that govern such a relationship. Although most people might think that there is no hassle that is involved in the incorporating of the gay relationship in the society there are other features of such a relationship that needs to be addressed and rules set.

Formal vs. informal:- Formal norms refer to all those rules that are in inscribed and are therefore officially designated and to go against such norms calls for a pre-designated punishment; informal norms are those that are spontaneously generated and informally enforced and contravening this norms do not necessarily invite punishment. The culture does not allow people to walk naked but it’s hard for the person to be punished and such a situation sends people thinking on the mental state of the person.

The world is a social place and it is so because it’s main inhabitant, the man, is defined as social being who live in groups and known to interact in an organized way. Everything in the world has its place in the society be it good or bad and that’s why there are norms which define what is right or wrong in order to make the world a better place to socialize. People walk in their everyday ups and downs without thinking much of how its social essence makes it a better place to be and that’s why the most populated places develops faster than the less populated.


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