Social networks in organization through Information technology enables organizations connect and collaborate through a computer mediated forum and through form of online communities. Social networks in learning organization enables mapping of cultural emphases on knowledge sharing activities which are against increment of institutional compliance and personal agency. It supports development and enables culture that necessitates knowledge sharing within an organization driving an organization to culture management. Organizations face some challenges through social networks.

Social networks enable employers to expand their recruitment programs to capture those qualified candidates who visit their websites. Through social networks, employers are able to connect with different qualified people on a more personal level and they are able to locate passive job seekers (Gigaom, 2006). Learning organization enhances its system to continually increase the potential of the organization for effective and efficient performance. Learning organization is a response to the increasingly unpredictable and business environments dynamics.

The reason of using organization learning is to facilitate learning of all people in the origination and continually transform it. Importance of learning organization is that, they are adaptive to external environment, develop collectively as well as individual learning, they continually promote their potential to change and they use learning results to attain better results. The asset of learning organization is knowledge. Knowledge in learning organization acts as glue in the organization by holding separate parts together and allowing proper communication.

If it was not for individual knowledge, organizations especially those which are complex would not exist. Individual knowledge is different from learning organization in that an organization doesn’t have memory and brain to aggregate knowledge and organizational knowledge is simply aggregated brainpower and knowledge of employees. Just like knowledge interface, it is hard to determine with any precision when individual knowledge starts. This is so due to complex nature of knowledge and organizational behavior (Wellman, 2001, p. 45).

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Social media discussed by Bersin can help in developing learning organization through educating and creating awareness. Social media can help in establishing social learning strategy within organization for working and learning. This helps in getting started by establishing customized social learning network which comprises of suitable social media tools, use of open sources of systems to offer infrastructure for introducing shared ideas, experiences, knowledge, learning within a team and collaborative working (Nohria, 1998, p. 78).

Social media can facilitate learning in a widely distributed learning system through enhancing collective knowledge on the organization sharpening the potentiality to act on what is earlier known by people for better results. Social media improves human resource through closed or open in screening and identifying candidates thus establishing a relationship and promoting use of human voice in organizations. In a learning organization, social media enables management of knowledge by allowing people to contribute, share, build upon and access information.

People can became more of learning organization by advising senior managers on learning strategy, implementing learning management systems for global technology organizations, producing online modules on how people can use online learning, by quickly developing content e-learning and cost effective, supporting in-house teams as they explore and exploit the new learning strategies and technologies (Gigaom, 2006). The metaphor of organization as a brain is on the move of people’s knowledge on what brain is and what it does on increasing work exponentially.

Brain is processor in formation just like learning organization is processor of individual knowledge on their skills, experiences, learning and collaborative working. This metaphor has really challenged people’s understanding on organization just from information processing, to learning, to holographic design and this metaphor continues to challenge organizations. The metaphor organization as a machine developed by viewing organization as logical, physical and dynamic.

Just like a machine, organization ahs system, subsystems, inputs and outputs which facilitate management and continuity of the organization. Just like machine, these components have to be combined and work together for success of organization (Wellman, 2001, p. 107). The metaphor organization is an organism is true. Organization is an organism since it is made up of people, ideas and people collaboration and relationships. In an organization more people gather and become involved in activities of the organization. Organization is an organism that realizes management and maintenance needs.

This allow proper functioning of the organization in a healthy and better way enabling people to come together in collaboration and offer support for success of the organization. Organization can not and will never facilitate growth but it supports it but organism creates growth and organization supports it. When these two work together hand-in-hand something amazing happens (Wellman, 2001, p. 112). Conclusion Social networks are social structures that bring people together in an organization. In learning organization social networks facilitates in educating people.

Social networks in learning organization allows mapping of cultural emphases on knowledge sharing activities which are against increment of institutional compliance and personal agency this improves people’s understanding and knowledge resulting in success and effective performance of the organization. The metaphors used in describing organization because just like machine organization is made up of different components that works together, just like an organism, organization is made up of different people and just like brain organization helps its individuals in learning new ideas and through experience.


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