Social Issues in Local Community According to St. Lucie County school district, top priority in our community is to provide high-quality education to our students. Teachers are expected to abide by a set curriculum to achieve the yearly goals and to ensure our community is academically outfitted. The importance of education in our community, takes much attention off many key elements that edifies an academically successful population. Because teachers are expected to follow these set standards they are limited to what they can actually do to help the students that are having a hard time keeping up.

This lack of sustenance from educators activates frustration, disappointment, and bullying in children. So what exactly is a bully? A bully, according to an individualist, is “a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people (Mifflin, Houghton). ” The cause of bullying according to sociologist is the failure to organize a strong educational base that supports not only the academic well being of a child, but also the child’s psychological, physical, and social well being.

Unfortunately, in today’s society it is highly unlikely to find a perfect education system. For example, when you’re an educator you belong to a group and that group must follow the leader (School Board). If a leader expects everyone to abide by specific standards, those standards become the name of the game, despite other vital factors; such as bullying. Though, these elements maybe addressed by school officials, they are not taken as serious as passing the FCAT, or being an A school. Another fear teacher’s face is “stepping out of the norm” to correct social issues affecting the students.

Teachers sometimes feel as if they do not have to perform beyond their call of duty because they’re not paid enough; plus, taking a stand against their higher ups may result in strict disciplinary action and possible termination. The school board fails to realize, a child’s psychological stability is what “makes” the school. For the past few years in St. Lucie County the district scholastic performance as a whole, determined by test scores has decreased and continue to decrease. Students are not psychologically established enough to give their all.

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They lack confidence, support, and understanding. Without psychological stability within the students, issuing a curriculum defeats the academic purpose; students will not perform well enough to meet the “ideal academic standards”. Therefore, in order for an individual to perform and progress to their full potential he/she must be in a stable psychological state. Bullying may not be the only issue derailing student’s intellectual abilities, but it is a detrimental facet that should be addressed and corrected.

Instead of adopting the latest fad in reducing bullying or using the traditional band aid approach, education officials should consider using an overall plan and evaluate it regularly. Rather than pretending to care, the education system must not only show their policy on bullying but also implement and intervene effectively when students report bullying. Encouraging the bully to come forward is one of the first steps in overcoming this obstacle. The system must start dealing with bullies, listen to the bullied, and society needs to be made more aware of the damage within the education system and its social effects on students.


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