The reason I picked this article was this reason this week’s reading we did go over the social development of a disabled child or an adult and their ways of socializing with the society. This article was the first thing that caught my attention from the listing of all the articles. Yes, I would use this topic for a research paper. The reason is I have worked for a company that had to deal with disabled adults. With the social development for a disabled person is very low especially for the adults. For a disabled adult they only socialize with the people that take care of them or family members.

Not many them socialize with the outside world unless they go to work. For a child they socialize with many individuals, they socialize with their family members, their teachers others that are in their classroom, and the person who is specialize in the needs that they need. The reason that most disabled people do not socialize with others is because some of us do not understand their reasoning of being disabled. We are somewhat raciest that they are handicapped. Some of us do not know how to interact with people are different from us. In my prospective a disabled people have wonderful personality they are very outgoing.

Just because a child or a person is disabled does not give us the right to be prejudice toward them we have to learn how to accept them. Most disabled children have it hard when they are in school children can be very cruel towards others not understand aspect of why they are disabled. They just know that they are different from them and they should not be at school they should be at home being taking care of by people their own kind. I find that parents and teachers do not explain why others are different from them and how they should respect those who are different from them.


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