OUTLINE I. INTRODUCTION: A. Social Anxiety Disorder is a problem we’ve all have faced, it’s the fear of being evaluated by others, with the expectation that such an assessment will be negative and embarrassing. B. Remember your high school days? The stomach butterflies and the prom night weren’t as easy as they seemed even with the popularity. C. In the old days social anxiety disorder wasn’t considered a real psychological disease where some people thought this was a ridiculous diagnosis. miou mean being shy is now a disorder? until the APA classified the broadly defined “avoidant personality disorder” nd “social phobia” as diseases in the 1980. Where the social anxiety was the third largest mental health disorder after alcoholism was first. Depression was second. D. We got used in Egypt to understate any psychological disease and blaming the environmental conditions for any failure but actually dealing with such disorders and negative feelings may be the key to any future progress. II. COUNTER ARGUMENT: A. Some people may consider social anxiety disorder as a ridiculous diagnosis and confuse it with simple shyness and anxiety.

They say they never met anyone with these symptoms. B. It may be true that back in the earliest days, humans still had to reproduce, yet there was no language, no spoken word. Cavemen used vocal tone, body language and eye contact to communicate and were still able to seduce the opposite sex and make friends with the same sex, that means it’s hardwired into our own genes, our nature. Cavemen and tribesmen didn’t suffer from social anxiety as it may not real or it doesn’t exist, it is a disorder that may be invented by psychiatrists to make more money. C.

These opinions are not true as psychological disorder is the same as physical problems it causes stress and mental instability and depression aking a human being desperate and sometimes it’s in your genes like the I. Q it cant be seen or controlled unless traced biologically. D. To overcome these doubts, it was discovered after MRI scans of five women and seven men who met the criteria for social anxiety disorder implied that minor fluctuations of dopamine and serotonin “neurology of social anxiety’ are the reasons for such anxiety disorder, where fluctuations of dopamine and serotin impact the brain all the time helping determine our moods.

And as any other disease that we have now and sure it existed ages ago ffecting the cavemen yet it was unknown then and hardly diagnosed, it should be considered a real disease and treated. III. FIRST ARGUMENT OR REASON TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION: A. One of the main reasons they should not understate social anxiety disorder is its effects on one’s life, future and the human mind. 1 . As the symptoms of such disorder is becoming very anxious and self conscious and fearing to be Judged or and not getting the best of your skills or the reason you were created in the first place. “This fear may become so severe that it interferes with work, school and ther ordinary activities, and can make it hard to make and keep friends. ” 3. So when you consider mental illness that is hard to overcome a normal thing you are oppressing other people and their abilities instead of encouraging them to overcome such fear and taking away their possible life opportunities of doing what they dreamed of. 4. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solve it but how can you realize you have a problem if others do not consider it a real disease with consequences that may ruin your life and lead to mental disorder. V. SECOND ARGUMENT OR REASON TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION: A. Another reason that people should help others with anxiety disorder to overcome such fears and to give it the space they give for other diseases like Mongolians’ or epilepsy is that by ignoring it, it may become as dangerous as other diseases are. 1 . It may become dangerous as people with constant anxiety and feeling of disgrace may become violent to defend themselves or start taking drugs and Alcohol dependence to feel more peaceful ruining their lives and other people too. . “people with social phobia are at high risk for alcohol or other drug dependence, because they may ome to rely on drinks or drugs to relax in social situations. ” 3. Which means that by making fun of a serious biological issue and psychological too, you may be pushing someone to the edge and ruining their life without even realizing it? Also depression will take place. 4. Making fun of someone who cannot overcome their fears of abnormal shyness and considering them awkward wouldn’t help does it?

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You might be pushing someone to be an alcoholic or becoming constantly depressed, that may lead to his own death by accident or maybe or purpose and maybe others death too nd so you’re harming yourself eventually. V. THIRD ARGUMENT OR REASON TO SUPPORT YOUR POSITION: A. one of the main problems that make us accept the abnormal disorders as if they were normal and accept their existence in our daily lives is commonplace. 1 . common tradition or practice or acceptance of something doesn’t make it ordinary, we need to differentiate and compare it with out normal behavior that makes us feel good. 2. “When is a feeling a mental illness?

Where do we draw the line in saying that this feeling is so bad, it deserves not only a name, but a whole set of diagnostic riteria? ” “if most Americans are obese, that doesn’t mean we should stop referring to it as obesity Just because it become commonplace- the disease still has significant and very real health consequences on those who deal with it everyday. ” 3. Which means generalizing depression and anxiety disorder or severe stress Just because most of us have it doesn’t make it normal or less painful. Whenever a feeling become too intense to endure and starts effect or daily routine that’s when you start calling it a mental illness. . Despite that it’s natural to feel uncomfortable in social situations r when speaking in public, too much stress and debilitating anxiety may require a psychiatric help. There are levels of such disorder some may require therapy and other may require a specific amount of tranquillizer and group experiments and VI. CONCLUSION: A. How can you help? This common anxiety disorder shouldn’t be underrated inorder to treat it and being there for someone in need always do the trick. You may save a life or help someone live more comfortably for the rest of their life. Fear and anxiety that stops your normal behavior aren’t normal.

B. Social Anxiety Disorder is an illness s any other physical or psychological problem and should be treated and taken care of and so does depression as any mental disorder will eventually lead to oppression and abnormal quietness. C. It is not natural for people to be sad or disinterested in everything, that’s not our normal nature or why we were created for and how could you enjoy anything if you’re not satisfied about your own being. In order to overcome such issue it first must be acknowledged and then help to overcome it and if it is out of control professional help must be sought for one’s being and best interest.


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