Social media is killing book reading habits  “A room without books is like a body without  soul”-Marcus Tullius Cicero A library is  the richest information source for human knowledge and cultural wealth but with the growing interest towards the social media, it will surely become difficult to fill a room with the books.

Since Reading is the best source for the overall development of a person from his birth to death. It adds new sights for eyes and new ideas for mind. Reading a book is similar to installing a new software. But  Nowadays social media and new technology of digital reading has led to decrease in reading habits drastically.   A survey in India showed that with the increasing age, the tendency to read books has decreased. Scientists also say that 85% of children prefer internet over reading books. The effect was seen when the comparison was made between three age groups 6-8 years, 12-14 years and 15-17 years.

The teenagers are more attracted towards various social media platforms rather than interested in reading books.Social media websites like  Facebook,tinder,etc results in unproductive use of time. The amount of education from these social media platforms is very less as compared to education from reading books.                                                                                                                                          The term social media has been defined in different ways by its different users. The ICT experts define it as “a group of internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations the World Wide Web(WWW) and that allows the creation and exchange of user generated contents”.

But looking at social media more practically,it can be seen as “read-write web, where the online audience moves beyond passive viewing of web content to actually contributing to the content.                             “A Book is a dream that you hold in your hands” -Neil Gaiman Today we are living in a very fast developing and globalizing world Technology has transformed our life in a positive way too but the negative effects of these Innovations in our social and educational pursuits over weigh its positives .Education to a society is more important than anything. It is an important aspect of societal and individuals’ lives.

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Advancement in technologies has eased the process of academic research But it has severely affected the reading habits of children. Social media grabs the attention and concentration of students and diverts them towards unethical, non educational and inappropriate actions like examination malpractices. Instead of studying hard for examination and passing exams through hardwork. Reading habits of books is on verge of its extinction. Even in classrooms too, students loose their interest in the lecture and their more than 50 % of concentration is towards the chatting and surfing net.

Social media has created the problem of loss of concentration among students therefore, affecting their performance. Communication skills and creative writing ability have declined among students because they always try to copy their work from internet. Also the spoken English of the students is not up to the mark,they continuously use slang words, shortened form of words, complete reliance over computer grammar check features is also a problem nowadays.The emergence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) or the social media platforms has eased the process of researches by providing unlimited access to all kinds of information but looking at the quality of such informations over internet, one can agree over the fact that mot of the information is fabricated.

Not all the informationnover internet is factual or accurate.Today,all the students are fond of plagiarism. Everyone is accessing, copying and using other persons’ works without any acknowledgement.

 ADVERSE AFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA 1. Social media is unproductive use of time and energy which only entertains you and gives you no food for though.2. The amount of education you receive from use of social media is very less as compared to that of from reading of books.3.  It hampers the creativity among students and most of the time is wasted over forwarding things to others of no use.

4. Most of the time of students is spent to find out what others are doing while this precious time can be used for reading any book and adding some knowledge to your own life.5. Another prominent example can be the use of new abbreviations and slang words to express oneself one the social media this hampers the language development among students which in turn affects the reading and writing both.6. Books inculcates the capacity to understand and think but due to fast changing content over the social media websites , the attention span of the readers has reduced thus an important habit of thinking over a thought has reduced and affected to a great extent.

7. Good reading habits makes you understand one’s experiencing the best manner but social media mostly indulges the cravings of people rather than indulging what is good for them.8. The role models of teenagers are also more active on social media thus teens try to emukate their every actions.Some points in favour of use of social mediaSince all the blame can’t be over the use of social media, there are some points which speaks up for the defence of social media :- 1.

Times changes and habits too with it, even if students are moving away from reading of books, yet they can indulge themselves in reading . we cannot blame everything on social media.2. Teenagers are just trying to get known to themselves and they prioritize socialization over reading something alone.3.  People are getting more connected and socialized instead of being alone.

4.  With the growing age there is bound to be changes in tendency as teens feel need of establishing one’s presence in the society and finding one’s position,thus they use all the methods available to socialize.5.

 They only try to find themselves with the social media and this is in no way affecting reading.6. They prioritize socialization, but this does not mean social media is affecting reading books.7. There is a lack of Literature material which can suit contemporary needs and thoughts. The classics might be good but they do not necessarily suit everyone.

8. Disinterest in reading is seen mostly due to getting no encouragement for reading. For this parents,teachers and peer groups etc. could be blamed rather than social media.

  Some Negative Effects Of Internet Over Students And Teenagers1. lack of face to face communication :- It is obviously an irony that lack of face to face communication is also effect  of social media because internet has a main feature of bringing people together but actually somehow many people find it easy to communicate through internet instead of communicating face to face in traditional direct way. They prefer to duscuss things over social media through various messengers and apps like whatsapp,facebook,viber and apps available over internet. The idea of talking with people face to face is becoming difficult. However research issued in the International  Journal of Organization  Design and Engineering has stated that the teamwork helps building mutual trust, becoming creative and provides a higher result. When people tend to choose social media for communication rather than talking directly, their relationships with friends and family gets affected. According a survey in Washington , the results showed that about 6% of participants replied  that their relationships got hurt as a consequence of excessive internet use.

It is believed that people prefer online chatting nowadays because it separates them from the real world.2. lack of creativity :- it is another negative effect over teenagers and students rooting from its benefits. Since internet is an unlimited source of information and this feature benefits user by quick access to needed information at ease. However when all the information is available over there is no need for creativity.

Students now don’t pay much efforts on their assignment or projects because they get all the required information through internet and they have to just copy and paste it to their work. This is a serious problem warning increase in plagiarism and need for creativity. Once this habit happens several times, students get dependent over internet for their study. This problem is not only with students but is same for the user of any age.

Things become easier in such a way that becomes a hindrance for learning and creativity.3. cyber bullying :- bullying by the use of internet is known as cyber bullying. This is one of the most negative effect of internet. It is not easier for the haters to pass ugly words towards a person but internet is a platform for such haters.

Especially the celebrities becomes the victims of cyber bullying because there is hardly any regulation or law to control cyber bullying. Victims of such bullying over internet feel embarrassed and insulted  and negative effect of cyber bullying is even worse on the teenagers, especially those who are in puberty with all vulnerabilities and sensitiveness. There is a direct relationship proved between cyber bullying and suicidal attempts by victims. Students and teenagers are considered to be most bullied on the internet.

4. waste of time :- one can never forget the wastage of time when it comes to the negative effects of internet. The Washington post revealed that 9%  attempted to hide non essential internet use. In addition , Stanford University also conducted a study showing that 12.

4 % of participants stayed online for a longer time that they intended very often. It is quite obvious that if you spent a lot of time over internet ,you have to cut down the time for your other activities. If the original purpose of social media was to help teenagers work more efficiently ,it now makes them do no work at all. Especially for students the advancements and explorations over internet it has turned into a permanent distraction. This has resulted in going down of their academic records gradually electricity bills payments is continuously increasing5. abandonment of family :- the excessive use is always harmful and internet is not an exception to this fact.

The perfect example for this can be the tragedy of a couple in korea because they were so busy with their virtual baby and forgot their real baby and this poor baby died due to hunger and abandonment from his parents. When people spend most of their time over internet they become insensitive towards real life and people around them,even towards members of their own family. Obviously when parents equip their child with internet their main motive is to open the door of a new world but not to close their child in a fictional planet without family.

For many children internet is the only friend they have. The time for family and parents has now been replaced by hours of internet browsing. They hesitate and try to ignore to talk or interact with other members of the family.6. privacy disrupted:- due to free flow of information over internet the privacy threat is one of the negative impact of internet . Teenagers share the private information, pictures, personal chats everyday on social networking.

Some even put their contact numbers and IDs without having knowledge of the risk privacy threat that these information can be easily approached and misused by any stranger. Not everything is exchangeable over internet7. insomnia :- insomnia is the sleeping disorder which happens when people are not able to rest or sleep. And the powerful global system social media is one of the main reasons for insomnia.

It is not deniable that teenagers and students are sticking with internet all day long. They try to use any possible time for social media and even the sleeping time too. Once they stay up late to check their facebook and instagram notifications it becomes their habit if continued for several days and it is very difficult to get rid of such habit. It is well known that staying up late is not at all good health .

if body does not have enough time to rest many severe health problems may appear . For teenagers who are of the age of development, insomnia affects not only mental health but also the physical growth. The eyes strain will happen due to looking toward the screen for long time.

8. physical inactivity:-  internet also causes physical inactivity of the users. We all learnt in school that a full education not only includes mental development but also physical development. That is why there is a break time between classes so that students can relax and work out their body.

But internet only supports the mental side. There is no exercise in this global system for students and teenagers. Using of time for internet results in lack of time for playing sports . The more  convenient the internet is the few physical activities it involves. This affects a lot on the development of these young people.

  9. internet addiction :- The addiction of social media is not any less dangerous than any other kind of addiction. The day internet explosion occurred this advantage too reached and spread throughout the world without any notice. The characteristic of people having internet addiction is that they seem to get married to their own phones or computers. All the time their eyes are on the screen. For teenagers online gaming and such websites are big attraction. Based on the static given by the Stanford University 13.

7 % of people found it difficult to get away from internet  for number of days at a time. An interesting fact is that mostly males are addicted to the social media based on a research from the University of Lowa. Not only lured by above factors most of the users come to internet to hide themselves from the real world.

They are scared of the pressure from parents’ expectations for study and from bullying. They feel more safe and comfortable in the fiction world of the internet. The dangerous problem of addiction to internet is not only the life tendency but their health too. A study published on march 12, 2010 showed a positive relationship between use of internet and depression. Persons who are addicted to internet aremore likely to get depressed than normal person.

 According to an American psychotherapist, Hilarie Cash recommended that 8 to 10 % of American teenagers are addicted to internet, this number means that approximately 2 million teenagers become depend on this system around united states alone. It is a true alarm to recognize negative effects of internet on students and teenagers and students.10. cheating :- it is true to say that internet also creates number of problems for teachers. The cheating becomes much easier for students by use of internet which have all source of information from all over the world. They find the answers for their all homework by searching over internet without a lot of efforts resulting an increase in cheating,academic frauds and plagiarism. Educators have realized this problem of copying material and have tried to deal with it by developing websites that can check essay and research papers against published content as an effort to detect pilfered material. But still cheating can happen in several ways which are beyond control.

 11. moral corruption :- besides a number of usefull and effective things provided by the internet , there is something that can result in moral corruptionin teenagers and students for ex. Black websites. For the users of young age their personality and moral concepts are still developing and inappropriate information absorbed can lead to wrong mental development.

 12. shortened attention spans :- if you get headache staring at the pages filled with text or feel like not able to focus when reading a simple paragraph the internet may have affected your attention span. According to Nicholas Carr of The Atlantic , it actually may have rewired your brain. Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” reported a widespread decrease in people’s ability to carefully read and comprehend text. Instead of focusing and understanding the real meaning of an article people instead tend to “power-browse” , searching for key words by skimming the text. This potentially leads to weaker reading comprehension skills.13. language skills practice :-   some researches demonstrate that social media have had a detrimental affect on students’ language use .

 14.  social media addiction :- people who are addicted toward social media may experience negative side effects such as eye strain ,social withdrawl or lack of sleep. It is a real phenomenon as most of the people carry smartphones and similar devices with them wherever they go and it becomes hard to escape internet. Any addiction is potentially harmful if it consumes your energy from other activities such as physical activities and offline relations.15. stress :- if a person spends his time researching problems or arguing with people , he may experience stress which may have a negative impact on his health.16.

 emotional connections :- social media helps to connect with more people and stay in touch with those you already know. Connecting in people gives health benefits.17.

information :- large amount of health related information is available on social media. This is quite helpful but on the other hand , if random advice is taken without proper research can be proved harmful.18.

emotional impact :- social media is used for many things, like socializing ,finding and sharing of information. But social isolation is proved to be assistant with shorter life span, diminished quality of life. Connecting with people on social media is not enough , and can’t be a substitute for live interactions , it can be nonetheless beneficial.IMPACT OVER PHYSICAL HEALTHSocial media can directly affect physical health usually associated with how you use it.• Carpal tunnel syndrome  – In case you do excessive keying,  you may experience problems that will affect your hands or wrists . There are also some specific problems associated with keying on smartphones which strain the tendons of your fingers.

.• Eye problems –  if you stare at screens you get eyestrains too.• Fatigue – if you’re using social media for too late at night and not taking proper sleep you may loose valuable sleep • Lack of exercise – the time which can used for spending outdoors and exercising is cut off  by use of internet• Distraction – one of the dangerous negative impact is being distracted . as it is recentlu confirmed you  may get hurt while texting and walking What does reading do for us?• Reading has an impact on every part of  life.

Our democracy, our economy, and the quality of our daily lives are all enhanced by reading well and critically.• Reading is essential to the well-being of society and to our functioning as a democracy.• Reading is a lifelong source of pleasure for individuals.• Reading empowers the critical thinking skills of every individual.• Reading can enhance empathy and lead to greater understanding of people who are different from ourselves. It increases our emotional intelligence and helps us to appreciate other points of view.• Reading is essential to being able to function.

It reduces barriers to access. It helps people to make meaning of their world.• Reading lays the foundation for future learning. It increases our selfworth. It gives us the capacity for critical thinking.

• Reading inspires. It is a trigger for the imagination.• Reading increases individuals’ health and economic well-being.

• Reading preserves the culture for the next generation. Reading Cultivates Civic Participation• the percentage of book readers volunteering for a non-profit organization (42%) is much higher than the percentage of non-readers (25%)• the percentage of book readers donating money or goods to a non-profit organization (82%) is much higher than the percentage of non-readers (66%). • 71% of book readers (compared with 65% of non-readers) indicated that they had done a favour for a neighbour in the past month. • 49% of book readers have a very strong sense of belonging , compared with 42% of non-readers.

” creates a shared connection to the community. It is important for society to have a large portion of the population engaged as readers so they can exercise power over their lives and understand how to make effective changes. It allows them to be active citizens.Some sayings by some readers Reading Enhances Relationships”Engaging in the simulative experiences of fiction literature can facilitate the understanding of others who are different from ourselves and can augment our capacity for empathy and social inference.”— Raymond A. Mar, Keith Oatley, from “The function of fiction in the abstraction and simulation of social experience.

“Reading Deepens our Understanding of Ourselves”In their pleasure reading, teens gain significant insights into mature relationships, personal values, cultural identity, physical safety and security, aesthetic preferences, and understanding of the physical world.”— Vivian Howard, University of Dalhousie, from “The Importance of Pleasure Reading: Self-identification, self-construction and self-awareness.”Reading is a Key to Future Success”Improving students’ reading … has a strong impact on their opportunities in later life.

.. Levels of interest in and attitudes toward reading, the amount of time studentsspend on reading in their free time and the diversity of materials they read are closely associated with performance in reading literacy. Furthermore …

15-year-olds whose parents have the lowest occupational status but who are highly engaged in reading obtain higher average reading scores  than students whose parents have high or medium occupational status but who report to be poorly engaged in reading. This suggests that finding ways to engage students in reading may be one of the most effective ways to leverage social change.”Thank you.