features snapchat stories, location filters, and geolocation to provide end-users
with the ability to have their physical location shared with others in real
time which could also lead to some disruptive acts. Snapchat stories are
pictures or videos posted to your public profile that can last from one second
to an infinity, previously was only ten seconds. The stories stay posted to
your public profile for twenty-four hours before they disappear. The user who
posted the story can see which of their friends has seen their story but are
unable to see the amount of times one views the story.

A newly
added feature to Snapchat is the Snap Map. The Snap Map allows users to access
and observe their friends’ real-time location on a map of the world. An avatar is
created to resemble the appearance features, as close as possible and occasionally
updated based on the persons movement. The feature tells whether the person is
staying in the same location, on the move from one place to another, or even on
the road, based on where the avatar stands on the map.

the moral agents in my topic are the users of Snapchat and the company. The
privacy of a user is at stake as it can potentially become a stalking tool. For
an app which gives out your location, it won’t be safe for use of teenage
people or children as a lot of trouble can be cause, in terms of harassment,
getting stalk, etc. The users who have enabled the feature called Snap map are the
stakeholders as they can regularly update their locations in any part of the world,
if they have access to Snapchat.

first possible course of action is that, the privacy setting needs to be made
stricter so that not everyone has access to the location. Their should be a
feature where you have access to whom you want your location shared. This way, their
won’t be any issue regarding users safety. Second possible course of action is
that, location toggle button to be introduced so every time you want the location
shared, the toggle needs to be on and should have time limit. This way if the
user forgets to turn off sharing the location, it turns off as the time ends. This
will prevent any stalking or harassment towards the users. In addition, the location
is not enabled, unless it gets turned off.

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The concrete
action which I would recommend is setting the privacy more stricker for snap map.
Feature where you can easily track a person’s location and activities live in
daily bases, like I said before should have strong privacy mode for safety purpose.
In fact, not only stalking / tracking, but the feature can be dangerous for
many more various reasons. You can also get in trouble for being in such area
or attending something which you were not supposed to, (family/friends). Especially
for people you’re sharing your location with who can pose a risk or threat and
you’re broadcasting your location every time, this poses serious risks for
people who don’t understand the feature. 
For all these various reason, having high protection behind this feature
can prevent many problems. 


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