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  Smart trolley for shopping malls Swagata Desai, Samiksha Nalawade, Mane Rohini, author: prof.

Poonam Yewale  Abstract: The newmodern technology has increased the standard of living for the humans. Everyone of us craves for a quality of product everything we use in our daily lives.So, this has resulted in a large number of crowds at shopping malls which haveto lead to long lines at the billing counter because the cashier has to scanevery product item and then enter it into the billing record. The prevailingbilling system is a bit time -consuming process. So, we thought of inventing aremedial electronic product to catch-up with this problem. We call it”Smart Trolley for Shopping Malls using pic 18F458″.

This is based onthe pic microcontroller fitted with an LCD and BARCODE scanner on a trolley and a wireless  network to work even at long distance due toits wide range. The brief description of its operation is, when you pick aproduct from the mall and drop it into the trolley, the RFID scanner scans theproduct’s unique code and its price. And it gets displayed on the LCD screen.So after a customer has finished with the shopping has to visit the counter andpay the bill as displayed on the LCD screen fitted on the trolley. This willsave a lot of the time that was earlier being consumed to scan each item.     Keywords: Smart trolley,digital trolley, pic 18f458, Zigbee, barcode, Instant billing.  1.INTRODUCTION1   Now a day’s maximum operation is based on the automation but then forbilling we have to stand in long queue where automation is not there in billingsystem.

Based on automatic barcode scanning method we can reduce the waitingtime for billing the products and reduce the manpower. Day by day we try toreduce the man work but for scanning and billing process still us depending onthe man power.The objective of the project is to design a smart trolley whichwill assist the customers in shopping by automating the billing process on thetrolley itself which can easily be used by common people. The system shouldalso keep a check upon total number of purchased and billed items in order toavoid wrong billing. The customers should drop every product which they wish topurchase into the shopping trolley and then proceed to checkout at the billingcounter.

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The billing process is quite tedious and highly time consuming and hascreated the need for shops to employ more and more human resource in thebilling section, and yet waiting time remains considerably high. This projectis designed to reduce and possibly eliminate the total waiting time ofcustomers, lower the total manpower requirement and expenses for markets andincrease efficiency overall. 2. LITERATURE REVIEWMohit Kumar, Jaspreet Singh1 This product is basically anembedded system that uses arm7 lpc2148 microcontroller. The motive of smart andquick billing is accomplished by interfacing RFID and ZIGBEE module with themicrocontroller. Janhavi Iyer, Harshad Dhabu2 The advent of wirelesstechnology along with other communication techniques has helped in makingelectronic commerce very popular.

A modern futuristic product is the one thataids the comfort, convenience and, efficiency in everyday life. In thisproject, we discuss an innovative concept of RFID Based Smart Shopping and Billingtrolley System. The main aim is to provide a technology-oriented, low-cost,easily scalable, and rugged system for aiding shopping in person. Anjali Verma,Dr. Namit Gupta3 The proposed research evaluates various strategies to assistshopping for a consumer to reduce the shopping time in the mall at the sametime provides equal opportunity to aid the store management by providingreal-time updates on the inventory. Galande Jayshree, Rutuja Gholap4 Our aimis to design a system that can be used in shopping malls. The system will beplaced on all the trolleys in the mall.

It will consist of an RFID reader andZigBee. All the products in the mall will be equipped with RFID tags. When aperson puts anyone products in the trolley, its code will be detected and theprice of those products will be stored in memory. As we put the products in thetrolley, the costs will get added to total bill. Thus the billing will be donein the trolley itself. Item name and its cost also will be displayed on theLCD.The products name and its cost can be announced using a headset. At thebilling Counter, the total bill data of all trolley will be transferred to PCby wireless RF modules.

Udita Gangwal, Sanchita Roy5 In this paper, wedescribe the implementation of a reliable, fair and cost-efficient SmartShopping Cart using Wireless Sensor Networks. Such a system is suitable for usein places such as supermarkets,  shoppingmall where it can help in reducing manpower and in creating a better shoppingexperience for its customers. Instead of waiting in a long queue forchecking-out their shopped items, the system helps in automating the billingprocess. Along with this ability, the system design also ensures detection ofcases of deception invoked by dishonest customers, which makes the smart systemfair and attractive to the buyers and also for sellers.

The results areencouraging and with the use of repeaters at appropriate locations inside thesupermarkets, our approach illustrates itself to be conceivable for use outsidethe laboratory, in a real-world deployment. Mr. Mayur Subhash Chaudhari6 Thispaper looks into the use of an interactive bracelet that communicates with theRFID system by mean of a database application. This paper focuses on the RFIDtechnology, and different ways of its usage for security in areas like shoppingmalls, employee and student’s identification, patient details monitoringsystem.  3. EXISTING SYSTEM     The Currentlyavailable method in shopping malls is the barcode method. The cashier scans theproduct through the barcode scanner and gives us the total bill. But thisbecomes a slow process when lots of products are to be scanned which eventuallyresults in long queues, making the billing process slow.

While doing a surveywe found that most of the people prefer to leave the shopping mall instead ofwaiting in long queues to buy the products. To solve the problems previouslyidentified, recent years have seen the appearance of several technologicalsolutions for hypermarket assistance. All such solutions share the sameobjectives: save consumers time and money and help the retailers to win loyalclients.

 4.PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITHEXISTING SYSTEMToday purchasing various items in malls or supermarketsrequire a trolley. Product procurement represents a complex process. Thecustomer has to pull the trolley from rack to rack for collecting items andsimultaneously customer has to perform estimated expense computation. At theend, a customer has to wait in the long queue for billing and payment.   5. REVIEW ON DIFFERENTTECHNOLOGY5Smart trolley with instant billing to ease Queues atshopping malls using Arm7 lpc2148: a review:-  The modern technology has increased the standard of living for thehumans.

Every one of us craves for a quality in everything we use in our dailylife. So, this has resulted in large crowds at shopping malls which have tolead to long lines at the billing counter because the cashier has to scan everyproduct item on barcode scanner and then enter it into the billing record. Theprevailing billing system is a bit time-consuming process. So, we thought ofinventing a remedial electronic product to catch-up with this problem. We callit “Smart Trolley with Instant Billing to Ease Queues at Shopping Mallsusing ARM7 LPC2148: A Review”.

This is based on arm7 microcontroller fittedwith an LCD and RFID scanner and a wireless ZigBee. The LCD used is a 16×2 andZigBee modules make the wireless network to work even at long distance due toits wide range. The brief description of its operation is, when you pick aproduct and drop it into the trolley, the RFID scanner scans the product’sunique code and its price. And it gets displayed on the LCD screen. So afterthe customer has finished with the shopping customer has to visit the counterand pay the bill as displayed on the LCD screen fitted on the trolley. Thiswill save or reduce the time that was earlier being consumed to scan each item. 6Smart Trolley System for Automated Billing using RFID andZIGBEE:- In our Futuristic Billing Trolley System environment, each productwill have the passive Radio Frequency ID tag which is bearing a uniqueElectronic Product Code. This Electronic Product Code provides the informationabout the product i.

e. its name and cost. When the customer puts the product inthe Smart Trolley, the RF-ID scans the tag and the Electronic Product Codenumber is generated that is previously known by RFID reader. Radio Frequency IDreader passes the Electronic Product Code to the microcontroller 89S52 where thecontroller compares the Electronic Product Code with the database of the systemhaving various products. After that, the name and price of the product obtainedby the controller gets displayed on the LCD display of the Smart Trolley, wherethe user can see all the product information.

The microcontroller 89S52 alsopasses the data obtained from the database to the ZigBee transmitter from wherethe data is wirelessly transmitted to the billing counter computer. Thecomputer receives this data through ZigBee receiver using Max 232 interface.Thus the final information of all products with the bill is transmitted to acomputer with the help of serial communication.7RFID based Smart Multitasking Shopping Trolley System:-The characteristic of an innovative product is measured on the parameter of howmuch it adds comfort, ease and proficiency to the everyday life at the sametime having value addition on the social aspects.

The trend of purchasing thesmallest of the good from a shopping mall is observed quit casual nowadays asseen in the regular advertisements of different cost-effective purchases ofdaily utility goods by different shopping destinations.This strategy and trendhave pulled masses towards the shopping mall.After the purchase of the variety ofitems, the customers will have to stand in long queues for bill payments as thebilling counters are very limited as compared to the number of shopping itemson board. To increase the pace of a billing process, Radio Frequency IDtechnology has been used significantly since long, thus providing many newservices and convenience in the retail environment. The RFID technologyprovides reading the code (RFID tag) at the cashier end to quickly count thenumber of items purchased, thus saving time to stand in long queue. In theproposed review paper, different techniques used to design the RFID based smartmultitasking shopping trolley are compared and contrasted.

One which makes useof RF module protocol. 8 RFID Based Automatic Billing Trolley:- Shopping mallis a place where people get their daily necessities ranging from food products,clothing, electrical appliances, footwear etc. Now day’s numbers of large and small shopping malls have increasedthroughout the globe due to increasing public demand & spending. Sometimescustomers have problems regarding the incomplete information about the producton sale and waste of unnecessary time at the billing counters forbilling.Continuous improvement is required in the traditional billing system toimprove the quality of shopping experience to the customers. To overcome theseproblems stated above and to improve the existing system, we have designed aSMART TROLLEY USING RFID.

This can be done by simply attaching RFID tags to allproducts and an RFID reader with an LCD display on the shopping trolley. Withthis system customer will have the information about the price of every itemthat is scanned in, the total price of the items and also brief about theproduct. This system will reduce the time of customers and manpower required inmalls and cost associated with the product.In this project, we have used Transreceiver type RF module.It is a small PCB subassembly and is able to transmit and modulate a radio wavethat carries data. Transmitter modules are implemented with the microcontrollerwhich will provide data that can be transmitted to the module.

      6.PROPOSED METHODOLOGYNow day’s people spend much of time unnecessarily inshopping malls for billing. Some of the product such that grocery items packedwithout price tag so people do not know that related product price. To overcomethese problems we can use BARCODE based shopping system using the smarttrolley. Here microcontroller is used to display the product price and totalbill in the LCD display. In the existing system, the cashier scans the productthrough the barcode scanner and gives the total bill.  But this becomes a slow process when lots ofproducts are to be scanned which eventually results in long queues at billingcounter, making the billing process slow.

While doing a survey we found thatmost of the people prefer to leave the shopping mall instead of waiting in longqueues for billing to buy few products. To solve the problems previouslyidentified, recent years have seen the appearance of several technologicalsolutions for hypermarket assistance. All such solutions share the sameobjectives: save consumers time. RFID and barcodes are both similar in thatthey are data collection technologies, meaning they automate the process ofcollecting data.

However, they also differ significantly in many areas.        The main aim ofproject is to provide a technology oriented, low-cost and provide an easyshopping facility to customers. The developed system comprises of the picmicrocontroller, 16×2 LCD display unit, barcode scanner, ZIGBEE transceiver anda battery power source. All the items in the mall will be equipped with BARCODEtags. When person want to start shopping it has to select the start button.When person wants puts an item in the trolley, it have to scan item by thebarcode scanner which is interfaced with microcontroller.

scanner send barcodeof that item to microcontroller, after matching code with codes stored inmemory, microcontroller reads item’s name, cost etc.After scanning the costswill get added to total bill .Thus the billing will be done at the trolleyitself .When we want to take any item, that item name on keypad .

after entering name of that item  on LCD display shows the position of that itemin mall. The  LCD is used to display itemnames, item cost etc.Whenever a product is purchased it automatically checksfor the expiry date.So it helps us to remove the expired product. If thecustomer need to ‘cancel’ a selected product, it can be accessed throughscanning the product two times. After completing the shopping, the customer hasto select the “Finish” button. This enables the total bill being generated.

Whencustomer enters finish button then zigbee transmitter sends the total bill andtrolley number to the zigbee receiver which is at billing counter .Then atreceiver side on pc all trolley numbers and bill will be display.   7.ALGORITHM 1)Select the start button on shopping trolley.2)Take the items and scan the barcode on items at barcodescanner.

3)The buzzer and led will on after successfully scanning ofeach item. 4)Put the items in trolley. 5)for searching any item in mall enter the name of that itemon keypad. 6)for deleting any item from trolley scan that item twotimes.

7)after completing the shopping press the finish button.8)Then LCD display total bill. 9)At receiver side total bill and trolley number will bedisplay. 10)you have to pay there 8.CONCLUSION By means of this paper, we intend to simplify the billingprocess, make it swift & increasing the security using Barcode technique.This will take the overall shopping experience to a different level.

  Different parameters such as the systemparameters of smart trolley like products name, products price, product weightetc. Are continuously display Thus with the help of the conclusion we can saythat  1. Automatic billing of products by using barcode techniquewill be a more viable option in the future that saves the time of thecustomer.  2. The system based on barcode technique is efficient,compact and shows promising performance. REFERENCES1 Udita Gangwal, Sanchita Roy, Jyotsna Bapat, SmartShopping Cart For Automated Billing Purpose Using Wireless Sensor Networks,ICCMIT7026.2 J.

S.Awati, S.B.Awati, Smart TrolleyIn Mega Mall,IJETAE-0312-82  3 Raju Kumar, K.Gopalakrishna, K.Ramesha,Intelligent Shopping Cart, ISSN: 2319-5967 4 Smart ShoppingCart With Automatic Billing System through RFID ANDZigbee,ICICES.

2014.7033996.IEEE5Mohit Kumar, Jaspreet Singh, Anju, Varun Sanduja (2015)”Smart trolley with instant billing to ease Queues at shopping malls usingArm7 lpc2148: a review” International Journal of Advanced Research inComputer and Communication Engineering (Vol. 4, Issue 8, August 2015)6 Janhavi Iyer, Harshad Dhabu, Sudeep K. Mohanty (2015)”Smart Trolley System for Automated Billing using RFID and ZIGBEE”International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (Volume5, Issue 10, October 2015) 7 Anjali Verma, Dr.

Namit Gupta (2015) “RFID based Smart Multitasking Shopping TrolleySystem” International Journal for Scientific Research & Development(Vol. 3, Issue 06, 2015) 8 Galande Jayshree, Rutuja Gholap, Preeti Yadav (2014)”RFID Based Automatic Billing Trolley” 1


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