Smart house BY loopy279 The Smart Medical Home is the result of work across several disciplines at the University of Rochester, New York. Housed at the Center for Future Health, the home showcases medical technology in a home setting. The Smart Medical Home at first glance looks like a regular apartment with a dining room, living room, bedroom and kitchen. However, upon closer inspection, you can see the adjoining room filled with high-tech computers and gadgets that are meant to help us live a healthier and happier future. The intention behind the University’s Smart Medical Home was to change the way people approach their health.

This cross-disciplinary effort combines experts in a wide range of disciplines from engineering, computer scientists, social scientists, dermatologists and physicians. Technology utilized in this futuristic home includes infrared sensors, computers, biosensors and video cameras. There is a scanning system behind a mirror that can take three-dimensional images of your skin and check for features such as moles. A gait monitor is being developed to track the way residents walk. This could indicate the development of diseases such as Parkinson’s at an early stage, aiding with treatment and prevention.

A good demonstration of what this technology can accomplish is “Chester the Pill. ” Chester is a computer-generated icon that functions as your own personal medical advisor. He can dispense information about medications, side effects and other medical issues. This technology can discuss medical information with residents in real time utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and speech-recognition software. Another technology being developed is a “smart” bandage that can detect the presence of bacteria on your skin. Scientists are now determining if the same technology can be utilized to etect pathogens on food packaging or cutting boards.

The bandage looks Just like a normal bandage but within a minute or two of being placed on a wound can tell a person if he has one of any top five harmful bacterium in his wound. It’s like a personal hospital, a hospital at home. If I had to design my own “smart” home, I would include something that’ll cook for me. I never cooked, so therefore I cannot cook, I was never taught and that would be something very useful. It would be great even if it would be able to teach me how to cook. Another thing would be if the house would change the colors of the wall to atch my mood, or be able to better my mood too.

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Only if I am in a rush and I cant clean the house or make my bed, the house will do it for me. But not always, I need to be useful and do something and not be lazy. I would want monitors everywhere. The monitors will allow me to see who ever is at the door where ever I am, and also allow me to say if I want them to enter or not Just in case I’m busy and or far from the door and unable to answer it, same thing with the phone. Having a smart house seems like heaven, and miracles being somewhat answered. Just very costly.


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