The role of the economists in the world is to grow or maintain the grace of it’s state’s economy. They are the ones who take care of the standing of their currency, as well as the stock markets, the marketing status… and everything that has relation to economy, that is their concern. “[A modern economist] is used to measuring the ‘standard of living’ by the amount of annual consumption, assuming all the time that a man who consumes more is ‘better off’ than a man who consumes less.

A Buddhist economist would consider this approach excessively irrational: since consumption is merely a means to human well-being, the aim should be to obtain the maximum of well-being with the minimum of consumption. . . . The less toil there is, the more time and strength is left for artistic creativity. Modern economics, on the other hand, considers consumption to be the sole end and purpose of all economic activity(Schumacher, 1999). ” The book of E. F. Schumacher stresses how economists uses their innovations selfishly and unwisely, leaving the earth as dirty as it could be.

He wants to clarify that simplicity is the real beauty. “Ever bigger machines, entailing ever bigger concentrations of economic power and exerting ever greater violence against the environment, do not represent progress: they are a denial of wisdom. Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology towards the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and beautiful(Schumacher, 1999). ” These generation, the role of human to the earth and his or her fellow human has been classified because of profession or career.

The economists, he stresses out, as being responsible for the climate change in the world today, because of the aggravating global warming and the undying pollution caused by infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, machineries, innovations… and everyting that has accountability for all the damages in nature. All that these causes are because of the selfishly and unwisely use of people for the sake of their economy. “Can such a system conceivably deal with the problems we are now having to face?

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The answer is self-evident: greed and envy demand continuous and limitless economic growth of a material kind, without proper regard for conservation, and this type of growth cannot possibly fit into a finite environment. We must therefore study the essential nature of the private enterprise system and the possibilities of evolving an alternative system which might fit the new situation(Schumacher, 1999). ” The author partially says that the economists are stupid in their achievments by contributing the development and growth of the economy.

Who will say that it is better to have less than to have full? No one. Until people will realize that small is beautiful, and having less is more contentious and peaceful, than achieveing all that wanted and crave for more. That is what’s happening to the globe now. Pointing out the economical performance of human, the modern economists who depends on today’s lifestyle and the present way of living are one that is mentioned seemingly like a brainless jelly fish. “Education can help us only if it produces “whole men”.

The truly educated man is not a man who knows a bit of everything, not even the man who knows all the details of all subjects (if such a thing were possible): the “whole man” in fact, may have little detailed knowledge of facts and theories, he may treasure the Encyclop? dia Britannica because “she knows and he needn’t”, but he will be truly in touch with the centre. (Schumacher, 1999). ” The author’s love to nature has segued to the search on how the government does its responsibility to economy while the nature is taken into danger because of money matters, and not the nature has given the priority.

Systems are never more nor less than incarnations of man’s most basic attitudes. . . . General evidence of material progress would suggest that the modern private enterprise system is–or has been–the most perfect instrument for the pursuit of personal enrichment. The modern private enterprise system ingeniously employs the human urges of greed and envy as its motive power, but manages to overcome the most blatant deficiencies of laissez-faire by means of Keynesian economic management, a bit of redistributive taxation, and the ‘countervailing power’ of the trade unions(Schumacher, 1999)”

It’s all about the money. Like Alanis Morissette’s song, it’s all about being ruled by the money while it should not be the way money manipulates human. We need to appreciate the small things we have. Having less than having full. In this thought, the campaign is all about saving the earth by thinking wisely. He is criticizing the human, from the past to the present, by pushing the economy into it’s full success without realizing that in return, all that is natural and essential is getting lost. Just a thought, why is there a need to taxing people?

While nature is for everybody. Nobody owns water, nobody owns the soil, nobody owns the air… Then why do people pay taxes by force? Does it make sense? The government implemented taxes payments, which has differntiated into lots of category. Depending on how much the income of a person is, they are paying taxes to the government, and the government in return, spends the collected money to infrastructures, transportation projects, development proceedings and everything… that’ accordign to the government.

In fairness to them, they really shaped up the state. They have developed the necessity of the people. They improved lives. But the problem in improving lives is when the effect of the improvement has not been taken care by the responsible people. The value of dollar is high. It’s what the other states and countries ever wanted. Beating the value of one nation’s money value is a success for the people residing in its jurisdiction, because it’s their economy at risk. If the economy is good, it means wealth and improvement. [N]o system or machinery or economic doctrine or theory stands on its own feet: it is invariably built on a metaphysical foundation, that is to say, upon man’s basic outlook on life, its meaning and its purpose.

I have talked about the religion of economics, the idol worship of material possessions, of consumption and the so-called standard of living, and the fateful propensity that rejoices in the fact that ‘what were luxuries to our fathers have become necessities for us(Schumacher, 1999). ” Just take a look at what we call economy during the first generations, the first lifestyle of the people… t’s so simple, yet is beautiful. An entrepreneur author Robert Kiyosaki had lectures on how to be a wise businessman or to be a good entrepreneur through his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. By defining the difference of assets and liabilities, he had given the realization that people doesn’t make sense on the improvement of lives while working. In this aspect, Kiyosaki and Schumacher deals with different topics but they deals with the same thought that people must have the real intelligence in the concept of development.

Both of the authors are worried that human is now out of the right path in taking actions for development. What can an excellent economy can do if the nature and the earth has been broken into a non-negotiale situation and the taxes that the government has collected, the infrastructure that has been strongly built, the US Dollar that has the highest value, the product on market that has been patronized by the consumers, the successful investments of the governments, everything that the economy achieved… as nothing to do but to make the people see how big the damages that has been done.

According to news, many scientists have concluded that the momentum behind human-caused warming, combined with the region’s tendency to amplify change, has put the familiar Arctic past the point of no return… (The New York Times. 2007)” … so there’s no escape in the cause of what we call development? It’s alarming that people all through out the world now is being affected by the climate change… o one can be blamed by this phenomena, because everyone has been responsible for what is happening now to the earth. We are now suffering from our own performances in the land. But it is not yet late, we still have time to save the earthe and the lives of our children’s children. Maybe it’s time for us to wake up that there is no other to prioritize but the endangering nature of all human.


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