Small International Business

Debaise’s (2008) article, “Going Global: Businesses Earn More by Exporting,” is about advantages that globalization has to offer small businesses. In other words, it describes the ‘small international business’ in the making. Although it is perfectly understandable for a small business to thrive as an exporter, it is an uncomfortable thought by itself to consider the ‘small international business’ as a real ‘international business.After all, small businesses by their very nature are localized businesses, existing in small towns or big cities and typically restricted to a single nation. By calling for small businesses to enjoy the fullest possible benefits of globalization, the author appears to be showing castles in the air to small businesses – the reason being that countless small businesses do not feel comfortable expending the little they have in directions unknown.Small businesses have tight budgets as compared to international businesses per se. Insurance and loans are a solace.

But, perhaps the most important resource for the small business at the hype of globalization is insurance. When a business starts out small, it is usually clear about not wanting to become big. It may be that Debaise is asking for small businesses to consider enlarging themselves, not just to benefit the businesses themselves but also the global economy.Still, countless small businesses may continue to feel uncomfortable about availing all the advantages that globalization has sent their way.

The use of IT is not a novelty. But, applying for loans and purchasing insurance may continue to appear as tedious jobs for those small business owners that started out with the conviction that they would keep their businesses to a perfectly manageable size. All the same, it may be a comforting thought for the small business owners that have changed their minds by this time!


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