Small Business Centre

Target AudiencePeople buying dettol/want to know more about the Dettol websiteStudents who want to go on the forumPeople who are provided a service via AOL i.e. Internet service.For people that want to find out more aboutMicrosoft Small BusinessesSuitability to purposeSuitable because ‘Dettol’ is written clearly with appropriate font. The blue and green contrast very well and the white ‘sword’ is vivid.Suitable as it is a forum, a chatting website; hence the speech bubbles surrounding each word. Different intensities of the colour blue contrast really well with the chatty, informal white font.Suitable – the name is clearly addressed in capitals, with the logo accompanying it.

Straightforward, the same Microsoft logo isPortrayed through-out the site, the only thing that is changed isthe subtitle of the section (Small Business Specialist).ImpactHard to miss. Thick white outlining makes the name stand out.Use of speech bubbles detonates that is a forum. The size of the bubble is dependant on the word.

Very good. The same colour is pertinent, different intensities are used to give different contrasts. Symbolising the sea of the internet.White, bold outlining clearly marksThe Microsoft logo whilst the sub-heading allows viewersTo recognise which part of the website they are viewing.Size details3.12KB108*97 Pixels2.34KB119*73 Pixels1.

77KB100*69 Pixels2.58KB133*57 PixelsPos./neg.Pos: Easy to identifyNeg: Neutral impactPos.: Fit for purposeNeg.: Uneasy to identify i.e. no catchy initials etc.

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..Pos.: ColloquialNeg.: Merged to something on site i.e. isn’t easily implementedPos.

: Professional, consistentNeg.: Boring – the same colour and font-style are used.Advertising bannersSource : : 12th Sep. 08Purpose: To advertise ‘PGi Fax 2 Mail’ on a diversely used website.

Suitability: Suitable as ‘howstuffworks’ is a FREE website thus advertising pays up the funds it costs to run it.Impact: Excellent impact as it captures the viewers’ attention as soon as the website loads. Viewers cannot miss it.Pos: Appropriate situation on the website i.

e. doesn’t disrupt other functions of the website.Neg: Interrupts the site’s navigation bar options, i.e. a user may click ‘money’ and choose an option from there but accidently clicks on the advert.

Size: Good – only takes up a small proportion of the homepage. ~299*195 Pixels; 7.91KBSource: Date: 12th Sep. 08Purpose: To advertise BT and computer products on TSR.

Suitability: Suitable as TSR is the home for students, mainly University, who are very likely to buy products like these.Impact: For unregistered users, both adverts are displayed simultaneously on the homepage; the top banner automatically catches the viewer’s attention, whilst the other banner catches their attention as they scroll down.Size (in order): ~733*93 pixels; 10.6KB.

~297*261KB 11.6KBPos: Easily noticed.Neg: The way that they are repetitious and the same banner is displayed on every part of the site can be putting-off for most users.Size: Compact – snugs in well with the website as a whole. Top banner is displayed on every page and does not disturb the user’s activities.

1)2)Source: Date: 11th Sep 2008.Purpose: To advertise for sky motoringSuitability: Suitable as the advice is being advertised on the service provider itself.

Impact: Gives the advice endorser’s name – in this case RAC (a big name in terms of car tips, insurance, etc…

), increasing the probability of a person clicking. The isolated region makes the viewer question themselves if they were in such a situation.Size: Small – does not restrain bandwidth. ~469*59 pixels; 9.15KBPos.

: Noticeable, yet not annoying to users as it is small and located at the top; it does not interrupt the user.Neg.: Isolated from the rest of the website; takes up too much space: less turgid impact.Source: 12th Sep 08Web IconsSourcehttp://www. (Personale)

comTarget AudienceTeachers; HC professionals; kids.People with the Gemini HoroscopePeople wanting to find out the weather in their areaPeople wanting to either: check their email, chat or ‘Store & Share’.PurposeTo show icons which are relevant to subject, act user friendly..

.To use a symbol to reinforce the horoscope selected, to also link to the original website where the horoscope info. was derived from: www.tarot.

comUse of icons to allow user to quickly choose their option w/out reading, to show it’s the weather.Like AOL, to allow user to quickly choose the frequently used option.Suitability to purposeThe red, ripe and clean apple emphasises a symbol of hygiene; the book symbolises educations/learning; and the green, ecstatic germ emphasises the fun to be explored.Suitable as the symbol for the horoscope Gemini are two heads. The use of the graphic and merging of the two women gives it a more, overall user-friendly look. When clicked you are linked to the website stated in the purpose.Suitable as the icon clearly shows that it is the weather with the sun and the cloud on-top.

One form of weather.The use of an envelope shows connate the sending of a message. The speech bubble emphasises speech is being spoken – i.

e. Chat.ImpactWell-picked, clearly fits purpose as the icons connate the title of what they representAttractive, yet to purpose – duplicate women to emphasise ‘sameness’ in Gemini.Shows the most common weather (cloud sunny).Plain, no colour -> Professional looks.

SizeGood. All are about the same size.~459*141 pixels; 10.9 KBFits in well: Tight, medium-size.~80*84 pixels; 8.4KBAll icons are the same size, on the RHS, scroll down menu when cursor moves over one. 344*65 pixels; 5.

37 KBSmall – does not take up much space as they are probably the most frequently used features.317*31 pixels; 2.48KBPos. /neg.Pos.: Links user to other, subtle parts of the website. Neg.

: Some users may not understand what is meant by them i.e. the germ.Pos.: Clear. Links user to original website.Neg.

: Some people may prefer the original symbol.Pos.: Very clear what it stands for.Neg.

: Does not link.Pos.: Fast to find (top left corner.)Neg.: Small.

Some novice users may have trouble finding it.Navigation BarsSourcehttps://www.paypal.

com/ (Personale)

mspx AudiencePeople who want to navigate around help sites within the Paypal website easilyPeople who want to navigate to other options within the Google website more easily.People who want to navigate through all of Microsoft Window’s range of products.People who want to navigate through Comet’s ‘Kitchen and Homes’ product areas in one place.Suitability to PurposeSuitable because the nav.

Bar is located in the home-page, hence guiding novices from the start.Suitable since everything is located on the homepage. All the user has to do is navigate through the options to go anywhere around the site.Suitable as the contains all of Windows products. All user has to do is scroll over ‘Windows Family’.Suitable since, like every other website, the navigation bars are located on the homepage.

In this case, the nav. Bar allows access to all product ranges and help options on the website.ImpactGood impact. The text is in bold to emphasise how important is and how the user should navigate through the options it provides before continuing to use the website.The arrow pointing down allows users to recognise that it is a navigational bar.Excellent.

User is automatically accustomed to the website’s stylistic feature. Appropriate font, same consistent size helps to keep the professionalism of the site pertinent.A good use of colour schemes; as it fits well with the overall atmosphere of the website. Arrows help viewers identify that they are links.Size DetailsDoes not take up much space: small, readable font; options are sparse.~246*128 pixels; 8.

27KBShows a menu of the most accessed features with the option to view more. Compact but very accessible.~97*308 Pixels; 9.42KBMedium. Same font is used for all the navigation bars.

~228*441 pixels19.4 KBEasily identifiable. Takes a patch of the screen thus hard to miss.

~405*187 pixels20.7KBPos./neg.Pos: First option, easy to identify (bold)Neg: Options are vague since the answers are obvious on the homepage.Pos: Accessible. Straightforward.Neg: Not really noticeable unless user has the intention to use it.Pos: Everything in one, compact place.

Neg: Some may notice that the font is small on the default website accessibility setting.Pos: Clearly labelled and tidy options.Neg: It is not clear to the user whether it is actually a navigation bar, and user may click the link prior to noticing it.Navigation buttonsSource;q=Haha%2C+you+actually+clicked+on+this.+You+idiot.


e4.comTarget AudiencePeople navigating through pages from their search criteriaPeople navigating through AOL’s daily update of content.People navigating around the Dettol website.

Users who want to navigate through E4’s daily video upates.PurposeTo allow users to navigate through pages…To allow user to move forth, back and pause content.To allow users to go to the next page/topic on the website.

Allows user to go forward and back through content.Suitability to purposeSuitable. There is a ‘next’ button which allows users to go on to the next page. Page numbers are underlined and linked to.Almost like a recorder. ‘>’ means to go forwards; ‘<‘ is to go back and ‘:’ is to pause.

‘>’ clearly shows that the button is going to take you forward. ‘Next’ is written in text next to it to reinforce the point.’>’ means to go forward, clearly described as ‘Next’; and ‘<‘ is to go back, clearly described as ‘Previous.’ImpactGood impact. Big blue arrow is easy to see and to click on. Page numbers are clearly underline and the red, bold, un-linkable number allows readers to see what page they’re on.Black outline shows that functions are working/can be used; whilst the ‘faded’ outline shows that the option is currently unavailable/cannot be used.

Good Impact – the same company colours are used – the white ‘;’ inside the green circle renders a nice contrast.Good impact. Crude pink fits in well with the black background and the rest of the text on the site. Looks funky and colloquialSizeGood. User, if they want to, can scroll down and to see the nav.

Bar.~278*76 pixels; 62KBBottom RHS corner of the topics it is controlling. Small but clear.145*32 pixels; 1.65KBMedium – clearly visible to a user who wants to go forward but does not distract those who do not want to.85*50 pixels; 1.19KBBig – giving it the user-friendly, hardly-serious look.331*78 pixels; 3.42KBPos./Neg.Pos.: Easily functional, understandable.Neg.: Only moves user to a maximum yield thus user has to persistently click on button rather than ‘hold-click.’Pos.: To the point, professional – give a nice contrast to the white space.Neg.: Not obviously clear where it is located from first sight.Pos.: Easy to see, mixes in well with the Dettol overall theme.Neg.: There is only ‘next’ throughout all the topics; what if a person would like to go back?Pos.: Easy to find, clear, interactive, friendly.Neg.: Very simple design.


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