Sleep Poll

The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll or a national survey of adult Americans who work at least thirty hours a week regarding their sleeping habits and other matters related to it (National Sleep Foundation, 2008). It is also about the effect of working hours to their sleeping and waking functions, their performance in the workplace, as well as the problems that they may encounter with this concern. It also tackled about how these Americans are able to cope with sleepiness and how does this sleepiness affect their personal lives.

Three possible speech topics related to this poll: 1. The adverse effects of inadequate sleep for working Americans 2. Coping with the sleepiness caused by work the American way 3. Sleeping habits and personal lives of working Americans Jay Leno of “The Tonight Show” as an Expert For me, Jay Leno is a credible expert when it comes to topics concerning the entertainment industry, about recent events on actors, actresses, and other related matters.

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This is because Leno had grown up in the entertainment business, and with various show business experiences, he can be considered as an expert of his trade. He is legible enough to be a show host because he finished college with a bachelor’s degree in speech. He also had several acting, cameos and voice over roles in his entertainment career. With this at hand, there is enough reason to consider him as an expert on the field. He is reasonably objective, though he is known as a comedian so he is fond of giving jokes which seem to have a straightforward tone regarding his opinion.

His comedic style is mainly observational: what he sees or what he thinks about something, he relays in a manner which could make people laugh. He mixes storytelling and humor when it comes to giving his opinions on current events, usually concerning the entertainment industry. I couldn’t think of any other expert, as he is one of the best talk show hosts in the industry. There are those who may rival him like David Letterman, Oprah, as well as Conan O’Brien, but Jay Leno has already established an image of an expert in the field of showbiz and the entertainment industry.