Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is a perfect practical tool for effective decision making, which stimulates creativity and helps to concentrate on the problem, take a broader view on the situation, as well as to avoid possible mistakes when selecting the best solution or decision. This method allows combining critical rationalism and positive emotions in order to receive a better output. This technique is especially valuable and useful in commercial and business environment, where making correct and fast decisions is one of the principal points for successful organizational performance.The strategy of Six Thinking Hats can be applied in many different situations: for example, when the managers of a company have to make a decision about expanding the business, launching a new trade mark, constructing or renting new premises, opening a new affiliated office, or employing another specialist, etc. However, in some situations (when the problem does not require deep thinking or analysis, when there is a lack of information about the problem, when the risks are low and decision must be made fast, etc. ) this model may not be effective because it takes extra time and requires additional resources.This method is the most effective when performed in a group, because this way it is possible to receive a number of different independent personal opinions.

At that, every stage of thinking must be completed by all members of the group, without selecting people for each particular hat according to their personal characteristics. Also, we can use this method individually, when making a decision requires some serious consideration: for example, when solving some interpersonal conflict or making a decision about moving to a new home, etc.


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