Six Sigma is a concept applied in the building industry as a quality measure, which requires total involvement of top management, training of all stakeholders, and carrying out prototypes for success (Pheng & Hui, 2004). Six sigma is a formal method through which processes can be measured for analysis and adjustments where necessary followed by locking to control the process access and avoid unauthorized modifications (Bolze, 1998). Sigma is a mathematical term used to define the statistical value of how far a process has changed from its perfection.

Six Sigma uses statistics to reduce the probability of risk occurrence from level three to double the figures. According to Six Sigma if you can measure the deviation or number of defects in a process then you can in the same way eliminate these defects to make the process defect free. Applicability of Six Sigma The Six Sigma was originally used in manufacturing firms and it is currently widely used in all business operations such as production, new product development, accounting, designing a business and in customer services (Bolze, 1998).

Six Sigma has three main groups of highly trained employees including Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Green Belts. Six Sigma employees are highly skilled in statistical projects and they lead in the management of Six Sigma projects in organizations. Six Sigma involves information gathering through measuring and quantifying the critical customer requirements to identify any defects that may delay completion of the project.

The success of Six Sigma project involves quality improvements in an organization through enhanced commitments of the members of the organization to meet customer satisfaction and reducing non-productive production processes (Bolze, 1998). Six Sigma is used in organizations as a means through which variations in products and processes can be controlled leading to reduced production cycles, increased production and revenues and reduced costs incurred.

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When Six Sigma is effectively implemented in an organization, for example, the right expertise and technology are used, large profits can be achieved within a short time or high profits can be realized from long-term ventures (DeCarlo, 2009). Six Sigma can be applied in decision-making in the organizations to help members of an organization to work towards making their operations perfect. Through Six Sigma, an organization can develop systems that can be used to thoroughly eliminate the number of defects as much as possible (DeCarlo, 2009).

When the Six Sigma Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) methodology is applied correctly in a project, the project will most likely be beneficial to the organization as a whole. Six Sigma can be applied together with other management methods such as total performance excellence, process management to be more productive. Six Sigma can be used in a company to gain a competitive advantage. An organization can implement Six Sigma as a management value that is a customer oriented approach of realizing the impacts of defects in a process.

When an organization has fewer defects, it means it experiences low costs and high value production. A low cost and higher value producer or organization will be more competitive in the market. Six Sigma therefore is a tool that can be applied in strategic planning in the organization (Adam, 2002). Six Sigma involves applications of the selected quality management tools in projects within a required time to ensure improvements for sustainable strategic results in an organization. Value of Six Sigma to government contracts

Government projects are always large and faced with many challenges such as inadequate human resource or expertise and technology. Six Sigma calls for practical management approach which involves statistical methods of identifying and correcting defects in a process to ensure it is perfect. Government should employ Six Sigma ensure quality processes, customer and employee satisfaction. Six Sigma has been applied in all production processes and so government contracts should not be an exceptional. Government contracts should meet the citizens’ requirements as their customers.

It is the duty of government therefore to ensure reliable, cost effective, improved transaction processing in their processes to the citizens. Six Sigma should be used to ensure critical quality features are included to improve customer satisfaction (The Roadmap, 1990). Government contracts may take too long or the product may be of low quality therefore less satisfactory to the customers due to challenges such as inadequate resource allocations or misuse of resources leading to delay. Six Sigma should be used to ensure active involvement of stakeholders in the projects to ensure defect free and high quality product (The Roadmap, 1990).

Government processes should be highly productive to the citizens and should be highly standardized for easy usability by different users and across different platforms. In addition, Six Sigma can be used to ensure improved product reliability, scalability, adaptability and fault tolerant. The product critical features for its operations or functionality should be enhanced as required by the customers. Conclusion Six Sigma can be used in government contracts such as building and construction to improve quality in internal finishing done.

It is through implementation of Six Sigma in the construction industry that the Six Sigma level of perfection has improved from about 3. 0 to 4. 0 as used in the internal finishes of the infrastructures (Pheng & Hui, 2004). Six Sigma has been used in organizations as a strategy for improving financial and operational performances such as customer and employee satisfaction, revenues, reduced costs, investment in technology and innovations. It has been applied in all operations in an organization (Tutesigensi & Pleim, 2008)


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