Six Flags Great America is listed as the 19th largest theme park on the continental North America. Tucked away between Chicago and Milwaukee via Interstate 94 in Gurnee, Illinois, Six Flags Great America showcases seven different areas, each displaying the various aspects of American culture. Opening in 1976, the company was then under the control of Marriott Company before the park was sold in 1984 to Six Flags (Edgar Online, 2008). The other Six Flags Park is located in California, in the Santa Clara locale (Ultimate Roller Coaster, 2008).

The circular spread of the park is due to the company that built them in the 1970’s, Marriot Company. But the two parks are now owned by separate corporate entities, the Santa Clara Park, Great America, being owned by Paramount. This is where the digression of the two starts, each park offering different and unique rides to its customers (Joyrides, 2008). Kids also will find the facility to their liking, since the park is built to accommodate family set visitors (Frommers Review, 2008).

Catering to the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, the cities provide the park with a steady 7. million potential customers within the 50 mile radius of the park, and more than 12 million people if extended to a 100 mile circle. Sitting on approximately 440 acres, 86 acres are used by the current park, and an additional 106 acres are available for the park’s owners to expand the park (Edgar, 2008). But recent news has risen as to the financial viability of the theme park. The pitiable performance of the park’s operations has contributed to the dramatic fall in attendance and income generation (Robert Niles, 2005).

The parks’ usually open from Memorial Day all through the Labor Day celebrations (Edgar, 2008). Sadly, the revenue of the parks must be generated all through the year, and only the Magic Mountain does that. It is recommended that the Six Flags must be able to produce more novel attractions with the family set in mind . When the park went on a promotional binge for the thrill rides rather than concentrating on the family market, the teenagers were simply too much for park security, driving many patrons away from the parks (Niles, 2008).

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