A long time ago in Camelot, all great knights were held at high expectations to live by a strict, no exception, code of chivalry. If some did not abide to the rules, they were not considered great, chivalrous, knights. Some of the codes of chivalry that Gawain bluntly followed were never turning down a challenge or equal, always being faithful, and being honest. Being a chivalrous knight includes many requirements. One of them is to never turn down a challenge. Rejecting a challenge is a cowards move. Gawain never gave up on facing the Green Knight.

Even after a year and one day, Gawain went after him, not listening to any warnings of turning around. Even from the man who led him there. Gawain stayed tough and still went, being brave he was. Gawain could not turn down the Lady of the house when she wanted him. He couldn;t say no when she wanted to gift him either! He gracially accepted. Staying Faithful plays an important part of Gawain. Not only is this important in every day life, but it is also key to being chivalrous. Gawain constantly prayed to God and Jesus to keep him safe. Gawain believed it was God who led him to the Green Knight’s castle.

But not only was Gawain faithful to Jesus and God, but also his King. He respected his King and even decided to take the fall and accept the Green Knight’s challenge instead of the King. Being Chivalrous includes an obvious, every day manner; being honest. This is a common way of life for most, but Chivalry is one of the best examples of honesty. Even when Gawain thought he should lie, he told the truth. One example of his honesty is portrayed when Sir Gawain departs King Arthur’s court to keep his promise to the Green Knight. He relentlessly searches for the Green Chapel to complete the initial Christmas game.


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