Single Sex School

Single sex schools are the best way of education and vital for our children in order for them to be taught in an environment that is away from distractions and to be more successful, focused and emotionally stable. There are several reasons which shows that single sex schools are important and why it’s the best way for good education. The first reason is that boys and girls are not equal and develop at different times and speeds; therefore they should be taught separately.

Acording to Gilbert (2007), Aacademic planners and school superintendents in the 1960’s had this foundamental assumption; they used to think that separate means unequal, so fearing that they would be unfair, provoking inequality and sexual stereotypes between students; they decided to mix the sexes at the earliest possible age. As a result, public single sex schools started to vanish, by 2000 only a handful survived. In the 1965, Most of America’s puplic school were single sex.

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This clearly shows that boys and girls were separated in the first place out of the fear of inequality; and if we want to mix girls and boys out of inequality we should mix them in all of the activities they do coupled with education. Sports are the best indication that boys and girls are not equal, each have their strengths and weaknesses. And to mix them in learning is a mistake as mixing them in sports is a mistake. Moreover, they develop physically at different speeds, girls often developing earlier; that is true on every level of analysis.

This can lead to bullying from opposite sex for those who either over-develop or under-develop. Therefore, it should come to no surprise that, at least in the United States, elementary school boys are 50% more likely to repeat a grade than girls and they drop out of high school a third time more often. If they were taught separately and the curriculum and teaching was tailored to their needs, drop-out rates would not be so high nor as vastly disproportionate. Boyes and girls are not equal and develop at diefferent times and speeds, on that baseis, its better if thay are tought separatly.

The second reason why single sex schools are the way to go is that boys and girls distract each other from their education, especially in adolescence as their sexual and emotional sides develop. They spend too much time trying to impress or sexually harassing each other especially boys toward girls. Academic competition between the sexes is unhealthy and only adds to the unhappiness and anxiety among weaker students. As Trichia Kelleher, a school principle, argues “rather than girls defining themselves by their interests, they define themselves by what the boys think of them or what other girls think boys think of them”.

Furthermore, John Silber (2002), President of Boston University, declared that his university would prioritize male applications in order to even up the student composition and ensure the male population did not become ‘ungentlemanly’ towards women due to their numerical inferiority. John as a preident of Boston saw how females can be a sexual distraction towarad males in class rooms and tried to slove that by admitting more males to the university.

A single-sex environment is therefore a space where (children) can learn without feeling pressurized by the other sex. As odd it may sound, some people argues that children need to be exposed to the opposite sex in preparation for later life; this fact should be further evaluated and analysed logically. Nobody in this world comes without parents, and as children we can get all the social interaction with the other sex from them if not then from any other source other than classrooms.

And what to learn in the first place from the other sex in a classrooms environment that could help us prepare for later life; how to sucessfully interact with the other sex is all natural and instinctive and we are born with these skills as a part of our human nature. But placing males and females for 8 hours a day in the same room has a lot of consequenses and causes more harm then good to children. All in all, single sex schools is the way to go if we want a generation that is more emotionally stable, away from the distraction caused by the opposite sex, more focused and successful.