Since the beginning of V for Vendetta, Alan Moore shows us the enormous power that symbols have over a society. V wears a Guy Fawkes mask, and draws “V” symbols almost wherever he goes. He blows up the Houses of Parliament, the symbol of the strength and power of the government. V for Vendetta is a fight between two sets of symbols: the austere, Fascist symbols of the Norsefire government, and the anarchic, more anonymous symbols of V.V undermines the Norsefire governments by attacking its symbols. People begin to realize that the Norsefire government is flawed. The beauty of V’s symbols lies in its anonymity, meaning that every citizen is a potential threat to the authority of the Norsefire government. V uses simple, reproducible and anonymous symbols to undermine the power and influence of the government. Although V dies, he passes on his home, his education, and his set of symbols to Evey. Passed from one person to the next, these symbols are indestructible. In the end, Moore’s meditations on revenge and vendetta are crucial to V for Vendetta because they define the difference between the graphic novel’s protagonists (Evey and V) and its antagonists (the Norsefire government). The Norsefire government use their power and authority to achieve their own interests and desires, however, Evey and V use their power, education and training to deny their interests and personalities. To change the country’s regime is to set aside oneself and embrace the universal ideal of freedom.The comic-book writer Alan Moore wanted his ideas to actually make an impact, and he found it peculiar that his idle fantasy did in fact intrude on the regular world. There are parallels between the dystopian novel and the world today. For instance, the book predicted the CCTV and security cameras on the city streets. Moore seemed to anticipate the technology-based plans that has made certain groups such major agents of protest. The reason V’s crusade against the state is ultimately successful is that the state relies upon a centralised computer network which he has been able to hack. The symbols used in the graphic novel showcase the importance of the voice of the people. The mysterious entity, evoked so often by Alan Moore, is the people.


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