Since childhood, I have always been compelled to change the world through impacting our societies and human lives. I believe this is what project management is all about as it help to conceive and bring ideas to life that affect not only our societies but our individual lives. Just like Joy Gumz once said, that “Operations keeps the light on, strategy provides the light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train that moves the organisation forward,” I have chosen to advance my career in Project Management to be part of the train that moves our world forward. This however, conforms to my long-term desire and it is a logical sequel to what I have been doing for the past few years. I decided to apply for a Project Management MSc. at the ESC Clermont for the Fall 2018 because I am interested in working with professors/lecturers who are the best in the field and Clermont has the right veteran lecturers who are high level experts who come from different management disciplines including project management and are also recognised leaders in their respective fields. Also, the programme outline at ESC Clermont is unique unlike any I came across while researching the right school to enrol in. It combines the best 2 approaches to project management which are the Project Management Professional (PMP) approach from PMI USA and the PRINCE2 approach from the United Kingdom. The fact that the MSc in Project Management taught at ESC Clermont makes use of professional integration in the form of an executive internship is one of the factors that particularly spurred me to take up Clermont. I believe this course has a lot to offer and I have something in return. I have a wide base of experiences in different roles. I have worked as a project coordinator volunteer for the Njong Community Water by Gravity Project. Some of my roles were managing teams, project planning and execution. Furthermore, I worked as a project team leader at Ministry of Trade tasked with the responsibility of planning projects, monitoring and reporting the progress. Along, working as a data analyst expanded my knowledge horizon. I developed strong analytical skills which are important for this graduate programme. My internship at Blue Pearl Hotel exposed me to the early principles of management, which are pertinent to this programme. I presently work as a project officer in Abu Dhabi which I can describe as the world’s centre for project management where one of the second largest airports in the world, the Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) Project is being constructed. The experience I have acquired over the years enabled me to become a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI USA. The certification has honed my skills in the field I am applying for. Embellished with such wide knowledge, I am convinced that advancing my skills in this field will make me a better professional. The management field has evolved and now makes use of modern technology/applications, new methods of conducting business which can be best learnt in an academic environment that has the right resources like ESC Clermont and is equipped with the right infrastructure and research facilities. I therefore strongly believe that this programme is the vital step to advance skills and to have a place in a senior management team. Further, I aspire to obtain a PhD in the same field and since I enjoy educating others, I plan to take up a teaching role back in my country Cameroon to impart young aspiring project managers with the skills acquired from ESC Clermont. I am not only enthusiastic about being part of this 2018 autumn class, I am confident that I will be a great resource to my fellow classmates. Regards, Scoffy Ndi Wangang,PMPAbu Dhabi, UAE +971 503 970 189


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