Since childhood, I had curiosity within me on how science and technology works. It always had rooms for new inventions and discoveries which lit my interest in becoming a Scientist. So, I started believing that Life is a DO-IT-YOURSELF project. This belief is rooted deep and makes me examine every little thing I come across. I took up the task of understanding how a computer works at age of 13 when I got my first computer. The ability to perform complex task made me wonder “HOW”. It led me to choose Computer Science in High school. My first school project was a Java (Blue J) based Snake and Ladder Program.

I completed my undergraduate studies from Lilaben Dashrathbhai Patel Institute of Technology and Research (LDRP- ITR) in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.  The curriculum of my course had the combination of Computer Science, Electronics & Communication and Humanities. The curriculum took a comprehensive approach to technology and gave an overview of all the components involved in building something from scratch. The sophomore year comprised of the Control system, Embedded System design, Electromagnetic theory & signals and Digital Electronics. The learning from these subjects and their associated project were proved to be the backbone of my future work.

Studying Digital Electronics and binary language in the 4th semester made me realize the power of digital computing. I attended the workshop for Raspberry Pi where learned how powerful the small credit card sized board is. Taking a step forward, I developed my final year project- Portable computer based on Raspberry PI. The project dealt with the understanding of Raspberry pi working and basics of Linux. The entire project could run on the supply of only 5 volt AC. The project taught me the coordination between hardware and software. I scored near perfect score for this project.

I have represented my college at National Level Technical Paper Presentation held by the association of Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) at Universal College of Engineering, Vasai, India. My team presented the idea of SkyLighting. SkyLighting was the green and eco-friendly idea about gathering the solar light with the help of solar disc panels and transfer it to the darkest part of building or monument through the optical fiber cables.

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After my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic & Communication, I joined Scriptune Solutions in Ahmedabad, India, as an intern (technical) for 3 months. Scriptune Solutions is an information technology (IT) service, consulting and business solutions company. I assisted in day-to-day operational support for server, storage or network infrastructures.

After my internship at Scriptune Solutions, I joined Numeron International. Numeron International is an EDA (Electronic Design and Automation) company, which allowed me to explore both, electronics as well computer science fields, which fit right in the domain of my undergraduate degree. My role was as an R&D Engineer. As an R&D Engineer, I have worked on various projects, all of which have taught me something different and piqued my curiosity about creating and managing efficient systems. With my team, I have developed a framework which searches functionality for a particular file from the directory based searches for all products. This framework increases the efficiency by bringing down the run time from 20 minutes to about 6 minutes. This project required people skills and lots of cross-team input thus resulted in an increase in efficiency for the company. I am currently working on a project which is an existing tool. This tool report memory requirements for the partitions of the system. Our team need to bring down the runtime of the existing tool.


My decision to pursue graduate studies in Management Information studies is largely driven by my desire to transit from a functional to a strategic level. I believe that every good system must hook its users. Its presence fills up a vacuum in their lives, and absence creates one like the game did for me when I completed it. My time at Numeron International has led me to realize that to build such systems you need to be able to interpret client requirements and interpolate it with the technical know-how; a strategic level. At your university, I would like to develop the required technical and business acumen enabling me to function as a channel between the two teams. Developing and improving on those skills, in the long run, would enable me to drive client requirements while keeping in mind the technical constraints and define the way in which a project would be executed by deciding on timelines, specifications and resource allocation (both hardware and personnel). A more holistic and integrated approach to technology, in the long run, would help me guide the vision of the firm.

 The MIS program offered at your university is in line with my professional goals. The course has the right mix of technical as well as managerial courses along with a great faculty. I am excited at the opportunity of taking Prof Michael McCarthy and Prof Joseph Mertz course on Distributed Systems for Information Systems Management having previously worked in my professional days on non-web based distributed systems. Having secured high percentiles in Data Structure and Object Oriented Programming Courses, I could leverage course exemption options taking up more courses in business intelligence and data analytics. I sincerely hope that the admission committee deems me worthy of your program.





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