Silly Boys Girls Can Ride Rockets Too

It was a warm summer day, as we were slaving away at Genie Industries. My son and I were both employed for Genie. It was just about time for the second shift to relieve us. A meaning my son should be walking in fairly soon. Just as I looked up, in trots my son, through hi bay three. Although the sun was shining brightly through the doors, which made his appear to be in a silhouette form, a form resembling Ironman. The closer he got toward me the slower he seemed to be walking, veering off toward the opposite side of the pathway. I acted as if I had not noticed his strange behavior then I quickly glanced at him as he entered into hi bay two.

It looked like he was carrying a helmet, and I knew he was up to no good, because he was avoiding me as if I had the black plague. Once I had clocked out I ran down to the big line in hi bay one. II asked him why he was carrying a helmet, because I am sure that my son was not foolish enough to go out a make a stupid purchase like that. He says he would talk to me later about it that he is very busy trying to get this unit done before Takt time. I replied to him in my best fake voice, “Do you promise Seano once this unit is off of the line you will talk to me? ” “Ya, Ma when I am done. Good then crawl out from under there and start talking, because this unit is done, the line just had not shifted. So Uh what would be the major malfunction down there with that steering cylinder? You wouldn’t be hiding from your mommy would you”? As he crawled out from under the steering cylinder, I smack him in the head for lying and for being stupid.

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He confesses that he had gone to Oregon to buy the bike. I told him wow what a waste of time because im going to torch it and roast marshmallows on it’. In addition, to that his reply was so calm like always ‘it is insured. I say ‘watch it Seano this isn’t over. ’ I walk back to hi-bay 3 and out the door looking for the bike, and then I spot it. Holy crap it is gorgeous. And a Yamaha YZR6 just like what I raced in high school in ’85. But dirt bike not a rocket. Young men and all their testosterone flowing and start showing off and kill themselves every day. I can’t even describe the way I felt. Scared, angry, sad, anxious, and oh so jealous. I think he bought Yamaha to suck up. It kind of helped, but I have to listen to the facts. He had only road a quad runner, a rocket is very different, and excessively dangerous.

I could not understand if I am so against these bikes, why I have this uncontrollable urge to sit on it right now. I keep telling myself to walk away, you hate this bike, and Sean is going to kill himself on it. I look all around to see if anyone was watching, the coast is clear so I quickly jump on the bike and check out how it feels to ride this style of bike. Surprisingly it’s pretty comfortable. Realizing I shouldn’t have got acquainted with this beautiful silver with flames down the gas tank. Hmm I wondered what it sounded like.

I had to know, but refused to ask Sean, because I’m going to have a bon fire with this bike. A few weeks passed and I’m not comfortable with Sean on it yet. During this time I asked Sean if I can ride the bike but he says no way mom, its’ too big for you. My jaw hits the floor in total shock. Sean has never doubted my abilities to do anything. I am hurt, I am flabbergasted after thinking about it for a while I get straight up angry. How dare he judge my abilities because I’m a girl!! I have ridden more bikes than he has ever seen. Sean soon finds out that the extra expense of the bike is too much for his budget.

He moves back in to our house but it is a quiet time since I am still offended. Like all children, returning home his first question is what is for dinner? I am not a chef meaning I cannot cook, just as I am not a boy so I cannot ride right. He rolls his eyes. After about a week of pouting Sean brings me the bike to work, tosses me the helmet, and tells me to get home. A little bit nervous but excited. I cannot let Sean see me nervous so I play it off with cool be home soon. He leaves me with no tips or anything. I start it up and damn I feel so sexy on this bike.

You know I have to be the coolest chick in this whole plant, but you have to be humble. After 15 minutes of figuring out that, the kickstand was down causing it to die every time I released the clutch. However, it is all good it needed to warm up. I put Sean’s helmet on and feel like a huge bobble head doll. I swear it was going to slide down my shoulders. I release the clutch and off I go I’m cruising all over looking sexy. Before you know, it is about 1 Pm wow I have been riding for 4 hours. So I head back to genie to find Sean up in a superboom about 100 feet and he spots me.

I give him that really cool biker wave; you know two fingers down towards to gas tank. He is watching me and I am doing figure eights and then I drive out to the main road and he is looking like “where are you going? ” So I punch it and it kicks up to 119 MPH. I am sure Sean needs new underwear by now. That was quite exhilarating, I still had a gear left so I turn around and Sean has boomed down quickly and comes running out to me and says “what the hell? Do you wanna`1 die today? I look at him and said, “Now you know how I feel. By the way, silly boy’s rockets are for girls too!

Six months later Sean gives me the bike for mother’s day I realized that bikes are very dangerous and I have had a lot of friends killed on them, but there is just this addiction I have for them, maybe it’s the rush. I tend to go for rides when I need to stop thinking. It is very peaceful and relaxing because it has to be just me the bike and the road. I have not wiped out yet, thank god, I have come to close for comfort though. Tip of the day, white arrow strips on the roadway are very very slick when wet and will make your butt pucker and your heart drop to your feet.