The Definition for Sickle cell Anemia

The definition for sickle cell anemia is an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. Sickling decreases the cells flexibility and results in a risk of various complications. Sickle cell is the name of a specific disease in which there is a homozygosity for the mutation that causes Hbs. This type of disease, usually presenting in childhood, occurs more commonly in people from parts of the tropical and sub-tropical regions where malaria is more common.

If a person has sickle cell anemia they are not contagious for example sickle cell anemia is not like a cold or a flue that if someone cough or takes a drink out yours then you can catch a cold or the flu. Also there doesn’t have to be any precautions for something like sickle cell anemia due to the fact that. Yes a married should get tested for sickle cell anemia because if both parents or on of them have this type of disease then it will be passed down to the child and either the child will have it or for a female child it will be a carrier and her young will have that disease in the future. There are a few countries that sickle cell anemia are common one is in West Africa, such as Uganda. The languages for Uganda are multilingual and also have been sorted into 3 different types of families and they are Bantu, Nilotic, and Sudanic.

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The national capital for Ugandan is Kampala. The type of currency that many Uganda use is called Uganda Shillin. The other country that is also affected by is Saudi Arabia. The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. The language that most Saudi speak is Arabic. The currency that is used is Saudi Riyal. The last county that is one of the most common would be Turkey. The national capital for turkey is Ankara. The type of language that Turkish people speak would be more of a multilingual country. The currency that is used for the Turkish is the Turkish lira

When doing the research I didn’t not see any relationships between sickle cell anemia and also malaria. There are a few treatments option for someone having sickle cell anemia and 3 of them are 1) if you have mild pain and other less sever symptoms its easy to be treated by over the counter drugs. 2) If the symptoms are worse then the emergency room and the hospital daily will be the best way to get better. 3) A medicine called hydorxurea basically helps the fetal hemoglobin from shriving and helps get the anemia better.

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