Everybody in their lives has gotten sick and most times when people get sick they can and most often do take care of themselves. This is due to the fact that most of the time people’s sicknesses and illnesses involve only the common cold or the flu. Therefore, the usual treatment for sicknesses such as the common cold or the flu just involves drinking plenty of liquids such as water and soup and getting plenty of rest. However, sometimes being sick requires going to the doctor to get prescription medications or even a trip to the hospital.

When this happens people need health insurance in order to cover their expensive medical bills. Unfortunately, today many Americans don’t have adequate medical insurance to take care of themselves. On top of this specific problem in general American hospitals and the American health care system has taken quite a hit. Sick by Jonathan Cohn exposes the problems of America’s health care system. He also attempts to explain what will happen to Americans if this problem isn’t fixed soon. The purpose of this paper is to summarize Sick and to discover and comment on his thesis and arguments in the book.

In addition, I will attempt to explain both the meaning and the purpose of Sick. Finally, I will explain the pros and the cons of this book. America’s healthcare system is going downhill quickly. It has many problems from filled to capacity emergency rooms in Boston to insurance fraud in Florida. Sick discusses many problems with the American healthcare system. It does this by using illustrations of personal health “horror stories. ” This book also tries to stress that America’s healthcare system has taken its toll on all aspects of people’s lives.

Now, of course the healthcare problem of many Americans has taken its toll on people’s physical well being; however, these problems have also taken their toll on people’s mental well being as well as their personal and professional lives. There are no main characters in Sick unless cities in the United States count as characters in a story. This non fiction books uses different cities such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sioux Falls, and Denver, as well as some people who live in these cities to illustrate the point that America’s healthcare system is disintegrating rapidly.

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In Boston, there are better emergency rooms filling up fast therefore patients who are in need of medical care now are being forced to wait in limbo. Sometimes because of this, the patient dies. The book also talks about the problem of insurance fraud in Florida. In addition, Sick talks about a medical crisis that has hit many people that is rather troubling. This medical problem is retiree insurance. Retiree insurance is a medical problem because it seems as if people who have retired have to choose between eating and paying for medical care.

In addition, retiree insurance often requires people to take money from their own pockets. Therefore, the medical insurance that retired people get, if any seems like a colossal joke. The purpose of this book and the meaning of this book are roughly the same. The purpose and meaning of Sick is to illustrate that the American healthcare system is going downhill at an alarming rate and that if we don’t do something about it soon, we may become a country with poorer healthcare than a third world country.

In addition, this book wishes to claim that if we don’t get some kind of universal healthcare such as exists in France , then millions and millions of Americans will die way before their time. This book also serves as a “wake up call” to us to realize that not all Americans have enough healthcare insurance to take care of themselves. More importantly, Cohn wishes to stress that that there is no medical safety net that will take care of the medically uninsured. Many Americans do believe that there is a safety net for the medically uninsured (Cohn 217).

Moreover, according to Cohn, the stories in Sick aren’t meant to scare us. They are used to illustrate what can happen to hardworking intelligent people when the need for medical care is overwhelming and people are having a hard time both understanding the intricacies of medical care and getting medical care (Cohn 218). Cohn’s argument centers on replacing our current healthcare system with universal healthcare Cohn strongly believes that the United States should adopt a universal healthcare system like the healthcare system in France.

This is because in France part of universal healthcare is that people who reside in France can go to any doctor that they choose. Cohn also states as part of his argument for America’s getting universal healthcare that all universal healthcare really amounts to is working together as a community to find collective strength in all of our individualities. Plus, he wants to remind us that universal healthcare isn’t about the politicians at all; universal healthcare is about people helping each other (Cohn 231). In other words, there is strength in numbers when pushing for universal healthcare for Americans.

I agree with his argument regarding the fact that Americans need and deserve a better healthcare system than we have presently and universal healthcare seems like a good way to go. I also agree with Cohn’s view that American’s do need to come together in order to fight hard for universal healthcare. It is about us when it comes to fighting for what Americans need and deserve. It seems as if when it comes to getting universal healthcare communities do have to speak up because politicians will mostly do what is in their own self interests. Sick has taught me more about the healthcare crisis that has hit Americans.

This book has also opened my eyes to all the ways in which people are effected by the healthcare crisis It surprised me that marriages could be effected by the healthcare crisis I was also saddened to learn that a man became so frustrated by his healthcare problem that he took his own life. The stories in Sick truly were a wakeup call for me that getting a better healthcare system universal healthcare or something else is my responsibility. Since, I learned all of this and I do believe that other people do need to understand the healthcare system issues better, I do recommend reading Sick.


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