Should Polygamy be Legal in Canada? Outline Thesis: Polygamy is uncivilized, unequal and violating the mainstream religious doctrine, it shouldn’t be practiced in contemporary society. 1. Polygamy is related to the degree of a society’s civilization. With the developing of a society, polygamy is existed only in a few undeveloped countries or regions Opposition: Same-sex marriage is becoming legal in more and more countries. Why the laws allow two same-sex persons to get married and forbid three persons? 2. Polygamy must cause the women in the same marriage being treated unequally by sharing the same pouse.

Opposition: People should have the human right to have more than one spouse. 3. Polygamy is in violation of religious doctrine. God defines marriage as a man and his wife. Opposition: Mormonism once had practiced polygamy. Now legislation thinks highly of people’s equal rights. It is trying to improve from every aspect of people’s life. Some polygamists advocate practicing polygamy. However, in my opinion, polygamy is uncivilized, unequal and violating the mainstream religious doctrine, it shouldn’t be practiced in contemporary society. In another word, it shouldn’t be legal in Canada.

Polygamy was practiced because of specific social needs long time ago. For bad natural environment, war or other reasons, one group people lose the balance of gender. These may cause polygamy directly. For example, in matriarchy society, one woman can marry a couple of men because their life style determines that their living more rely on women’s work. Women were dominant in the whole society. Thus, they got more rights on choosing their spouses. However, a mature and developed society doesn’t rely on one gender of people. Male and female both have their own role.

They are both important. They re equally treated in a civilized society. Zeitzen notes in his book as following: Early on, ethnographers working among the Inuit established a causal linkage in which the resulting in a severe shortage of women. Consequently, two men would often have to share one wife in a polyandrous marriage; a man must have a woman to sew his garments, make his boots and perform other domestic duties necessary for him to go hunting. (46) Whatever the reason, polygamy has been practiced only in uncivilized or undeveloped countries or regions.

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With the processing of civilization, the majority people will recognize monogamy. An opponent might argue that the civilized laws have allowed two people of the same sex to get married, why don’t allow three people to get married? Isn’t gay marriage sort of setback of civilization? In his article “Is there a right to polygamy? ” March claims that homosexuality is not only natural but particular to certain humans. To admit their marriage is to recognize them on the part of the majority. However, the case for polygamy is more like a universal inclination.

In my opinion, to allow gay marriage is to grant certain group people basic right of being equal with others, but olygamy is to grant people the right of getting extra benefits. Polygamy shouldn’t be practiced in contemporary society is also because people may be treated unequal in a marriage. This is simple to explain. We assume that there is one husband and two wives in one marriage. It’s normal that the husband likes one wife more than the other one. This emotional inclination definitely will lead to different treatment to these two wives.

Not to mention there might be an extreme situation that the husband only has communication and sexual relationship with one of his wives and totally ignores the other. Polygamy normally means unbalanced relationship in a marriage. Most people can’t get equal rights in polygamy. Smearman notes that “Despite any social and economic advantages that polygamy may have offered in traditional society, it causes many social ills under modern conditions, especially in the areas of resource allocation, ownership of property, and inheritance. (388). Of course, here an opponent might argue that polygamy is one human right as well. They entitle polygamy as one of their equal rights. In her article “l do”, Luscombe mentions that “Polygamy equal abuse’ or ‘It’s all about power and ontrol’ – but these things can exist in monogamous marriage, too. ” However, I firmly believe that monogamy would have people be treated more equally in marriage than polygamy because not only women get unequally treatment in polygamy but also the poor men would probably lose their right.

Luscombe notes: “But polygamy doesn’t just subjugate women and victimize girls, the laws supporters argued; it harms men, too. Younger and poorer men struggle to find partners in polygamous communities where a large pool of single males becomes a destabilizing influence. ” (44). Polygamy is also a big issue in religious doctrine. It is clearly said in the bible that “the two will become one flesh” (Gen. 1:27 and 2:24) not more than two. Another important biblical teaching is the parallel of husband and wife with Christ and the Church in Eph. :22-33, which makes sense only with monogamy??”Jesus will not have multiple brides. However, we all know that the Mormon faith was polygamy when it was founded in 1830. Zeitzen describes this as “In the process of re-translating the Bible, Smith claimed to have received a revelation from God regarding plural marriage and a commandment from God to take more wives. ” “It’s estimated that f plural marriage today, despite opposition by local and federal government and the mainstream Mormon church. ” (89).

Mormon once advocated people to practice polygamy while actually less than 10% of Mormon adults in Utah entered into plural marriage or were part of polygamous families. In fact, according to the authorized survey, the typical Mormon family is not and never was a polygamous family. This is the strongest argument to prove that religious people still prefer monogamy even when they have the choice of polygamy. We will never stop hearing the voices from monogamists and polygamists. However, the truth is that monogamy is a milestone of human beings evolution.

It’s a sign that we are getting more and more civilized, equally treated and religious. We can’t step back only because the minority want extra allowance to satisfy their own desire. Any obstacle to stop human beings moving steps should be discouraged and prohibited. Therefore, polygamy which violates the human beings civilization progress shouldn’t be legal in Canada. Words count: 948 Work Cited: Zeitzen, Miriam K. Polygamy: A Cross-cultural Analysis. New York: BERG, 2008. Print. Luscombe, Belinda. I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO. Time. 8/6/2012, vol. 80 Issue 6, p42-47. web. March, Andrew F. Is there a right to Polygamy? Marriage, Equality and Subsidizing Families in Liberal Public Justification. Journal of Moral Philosophy, 2011, Vol. 8 Issue 2, p246-272. Web. Bala, Nicolas. Why Canada’s prohibition of Polygamy is Constitutionally Valid and Sound Social Policy. Canadian Journal of Family Law, 2009, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p165-221 . Web. Smearman, Claire A. Second Wives’ Club: Mapping the Impact of Polygamy in U. S. Immigration Law. Berkeley Journal of International Law, 2009, vol. 27 Issue 2, p382-447. web.


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