Should English Be Law The debate on if the United States should make English the official language has been a discussion for centuries. Multiple bills have been brought to Congress, but have been denied because of the criticism on both sides There are some benefits but unfortunately they are not good enough to convince me of this. I am fully against making English the law.  Making English the official language will, make the ones who don’t speak it weak and powerless in this country, The United States has been home to many different ethnic groups, that speak in their own language. The Great Melting Pot is a metaphor used to describe how the United States soaks in people from countries all around the world and are still considered American citizens. In fact a lot of people think that the different culture mixture is what makes America, America. The United States is made up of immigrants from all over the world. Taking away their language would not be fair. There are fifty English speaking countries that either have English as a primary or the official language. If we are going to change the language of our country does that mean we are going to change where we get a lot of our products such as, cars, childrens toys, jewelry and even some food. Are we going to start making our own stuff now? I don’t think so, I think the Government doesn’t want to do all that work, use all that money, to lazy. How are going to ban other languages but still by products from other countries. Imagine that you lived in China and your family member who lies in the U.S. calls you and tells you they need to come back home because they arent aloud to speak their own languauge.So as that person how would you feel? Would you want your country to keep providing for the Country who made your family feel marginalized, weak. I know I wouldn’t, I would tell them to stop being lazy and make your own stuff.I believe that making English the official language would decrease money and tourism. Tourist would be confused and they wouldn’t want to come anymore. They would have no help with finding their way around or knowing what anything is. The U.S. Travel and Tourism Industry made more than $1.7 trillion in 2016 and supported 7.6 million job in the United States. If we made English the official language that intake would decrease by a lot.  The United States is known for being “The Land of Dreams and Opportunity” . If we make English the official language how can we expect immigrants to succeed in school and at work. The immigrants may be learning English but it takes time to learn, we can’t expect them to not speak their language when in the process of learning. I am currently taking my third year of Spanish and I still don’t know enough to be able to go to Mexico and speak only spanish. What if immigrants can’t afford to take english classes, are they going to be offered to them for free or can they get financial aid.English should not be the only language in the United States, it stops so many cultures and traditions its stops the countries and states from being so diverse. People should be allowed to speak their native language or any language they want. No one should be restricted to English it’s not fair to people from other countries that speak any speak English.  Stopping other cultures from speaking their language is stopping them from passing down the culture and heritage. Children of Immigrants don’t know their own language   This graph shows the different languages in the United States as of the years 2008-2010 that English was the majority but Spanish right below that. All these different languages are used my many Americans and Non Americans who live here in America. Yes English is used the most but what about the other languages, just drop them like they aren’t there? Why do that, what’s the point of that? Doing that makes us not have options, and a range, variety of different cultures, cultures that immigrants help America grow.


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