Shore excursion are cruises in ships guided by tour
companies, these type of cruises are available in many ports around the world
and in different harbors in Egypt. It aims at getting the tourists closer to
the locals’ culture, see the landmarks and attractions of the touristic places
and to introduce them to the shopping centers of the ports. If you like this
kind of experience, you should try one of the best shore excursion in Egypt.

Sharm El-Sheikh:

Cruises from this port heads towards many famous places in the
wonderful land of Sinai. Firstly, the national park of Ras Mohamed which is one
of Egyptian nature reserve between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba. And
it is famous for its colorful coral reefs, stunning fish and the various water
sports such as diving, swimming and snorkeling.

Furthermore, the shore excursion group can visit the monastery
of Saint Catherine which is an ancient Christian landmark was built in the 6th
century. And visit Moses Mountain that is sacred for many the religions.  

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Here you can find three types of activities to do in Safaga
shore excursion. First of all, some companies provide a day trip in the
fabulous Red Sea where you can go snorkeling or swimming alongside with
friendly cute dolphins. Second, you can book a cruise in a submarine which
takes you in a memorable journey in the deep sea between various fish types and
sea creatures. Last but not least, it may start from Safaga port and end up in Luxor
to see the oldest and largest place to warship “Karnack temple”, visit the
Valley of kings and the great temple of Hatshepsut. Then have a nice cruise in
the Nile River, while enjoying your lunch and the sun rays are gently touching
your skin.


100 km away from Alex you can have a nice trip to Al Alamein.
This small city witnessed a critical Second World War battle in which the German
troops were defeated under the leadership of Rommel. You will be able to visit
the memorial of this battle and the military museum in El Alamien. 


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