Shared Website HostingShared server hosting is the most usable and common type of hosting solutions, in this type of solution in which a web hosting service provider host numerous sites and web pages on a single server and each and every site share the servers resources with each others.

Shared hosting is an ideal choice for the website owners searching for cost-effective hosting solution in India, it’s quite simple as compare to other types of hosting and doesn’t need much knowledge and skills to handle, comes with easy to use control panel (mostly cpanel). There are few issues with shared server such as security can be easily break by hackers, and it can not handle much traffic to a website. Shared hosting services are excellent choice for small businesses and personal websites with low budget. One of the best thing about shared hosting is that it support the popular CMS’s like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc.VPS HostingA VPS hosting (virtual private server), also known as virtual dedicated server, is a virtual server that seems to the website owners as a dedicated server, but in reality it is a single machine serving multiple web pages. In VPS environment a single machine can have various virtual servers and each one will have its own operating system (OS) and server resources such as RAM, bandwidth and web space. As it’s not completely dedicated web server, it is less costly compare to a dedicated server.

One of the biggest disadvantage of VPS is that it’s little costly than shared hosting plans but at the same you will be provided with more features and resources.Dedicated Server HostingDedicated web hosting solution is a type of hosting arrangement where a single server is dedicated to one website or organization. This type of hosting can handle large amount of traffic because there is no resources sharing with other websites. It is one of the reliable, flexible and high performance option to host a website. This hosting solution is ideal for large enterprises with highly secured data and huge amount of traffic.

Cloud Web HostingWord Cloud hosting is taken from Cloud computing technology and it uses the resources many clustered web servers. Mainly, in this type of arrangement a website uses the resources of many interconnected servers to server all the needs of a site. It use load balancing technology, it is highly secured and hardware related resources are accessible virtually so these resources can be used when required. It is a an excellent choice for those looking for more flexibility and scalability.