Shanghai Cooperation
Organization and cooperation in Central Asia


   Shanghai Cooperation Organization is the
organization which from the first days of the activity positions as the open
and balanced international organization. Today the whole world faces a set of
calls and threats in political, economic, military spheres. Formation and
strengthening of good neighbourhood with the border states becomes the vital
factor of the international relations. In this regard participation of the
countries in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is of particular importance.

The purposes of SCO remain invariable, and simple, they are stability and
development on space of state members of the organization. Steady following to
these purposes allowed SCO to make a powerful contribution to stabilization of
a situation on the Euroasian continent, having confirmed the simple truth
“to resist to new calls and threats the world community can only together”.

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  Is Shanghai
Cooperation Organization guarantee of stability of the region any more?

   SCO attaches particular importance to
interaction in the sphere of safety. It is known that after formation of this
organization, the mechanism of cooperation in fight was against three forces of
evil as extremism, separatism and terrorism and also with drugs and cross-border
organized crime as the main goal. Owing to joint anti-terrorist exercises are
regularly staged, active efforts for settlement of a situation in hot spots are
made that allowed to protect effectively safety and stability in the region.

   On June 9, 2017 in the capital city of
Kazakhstan took place the historical summit, after which  the Shanghai Cooperation Organization entered
a new stage of the institutional development as “The Shanghai eight”.

Really, the structure of the organization created in Shanghai which was founded
by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan already
more than fifteen years ago is for the first time expanded. And as it is
expanded! In its ranks – at their request – two powerful nuclear powers of Asia
– India and Pakistan are accepted as permanent members. As a result, SCO
includes four nuclear powers.                                                                 

it Cooperation or Soft Power of China?

    In the concept of Chinese “soft
power” it is possible to allocate three main directions. The first of them
is carrying out the security policy directed to prevention of aggravation of an
international situation. According to it China seeks to separate from any
military conflicts if they do not infringe directly on its territorial
interests, as in case of Taiwan or islands in the South China Sea. The second
direction is relief action in economic and social area, health care, education,
the humanitarian sphere. Unlike the West, Beijing at the same time does not
connect assistance with political and ideological affairs. The third direction
are actually the actions of cultural character designed to show all to the
world modern achievements of the People’s Republic of China.

Cooperation Organization as the kernel of implementation of an initiative “the
Silk Road Economic belt”


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