One of the most popular stories that transcended years and generations is the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Based from the novel written by William Shakespeare about the love story of a man and a woman who was torn because of the presence of the conflict between their families resulting to a tragic ending, people still allude to the idea of fighting and dying for the one true love every time they come across such real-life incidences, making them believe that the idea of Romeo and Juliet is not just a mere literary work and was in fact an important reminder about the truth in life and love.

Shakespeare is a middle ground between ancient poets whose tragedies hardly spoke of love and the Romantic poets whose sad tales concerned only of love (Bloom 6). ” Those who need proof about how the dilemma of Romeo and Juliet is very real years after Shakespeare penned this particular masterpiece need only to take a look around and see the lives of the people who are still greatly affected by the presence of hatred between families and how existing culture shaped by tradition makes it close to impossible to break such chains.

Take a look at the love story of Mirubhai Pathan and Ashrafbhai Malik – the two individuals came from families which were believed to have a long standing feud, largely because of land problems that remained unsettled for a long period of time. Like Romeo and Juliet, the two met accidentally, and instantly fell in love. And like the predicament of Romeo and Juliet, soon the couple was faced with the fact that the path towards fulfilling their love is dangerous and crooked because of the state of hate existing between their families.

As expected and consistent to the Romeo and Juliet formula, both families did not approve of the romantic relationship between the two individuals. But unlike the fate of Romeo and Juliet, Pathan and Malik are thankful that things did not turn for the worse for them. Like the Shakespearean tragedy, the love story of Pathan and Malik share concepts that were also found in the story of Romeo and Juliet.

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Their is the presence of mistrust found between the members of both families who are not at first overly eager to make peace and allow the love of the two individuals to blossom; there is also the recurring idea of justice – the lack or absence of, and in its place the presence of injustice that results to the presence of the long, drawn out conflict between the families of Pathan and Malik; there is also the presence of the motifs of honor and courage found both in Pathan and Malik who held on to their love and fought for it regardless of the possible circumstances that will result from such actions; there is also the presence of politics – the essence of coming of age and the sense of responsibility stemming from both the couple and their families who finally saw the reason behind burying the hatchet and moving on as two families in alliance under love; and finally, the aspect of “comedy” or a happy ending – characterized by the successful endeavor of the couple that led to their marriage and a life sans the stigma of having to live in love and dodging the aftermaths of such relationship between warring clans.

But the most important aspect of the story of Romeo and Juliet and that of Malik and Pathan is the presence of the concept of true love, something that Shakespeare has always pinned his stories and the morals of his stories in. Malik and Pathan were like Romeo and Juliet because more than the similarities of their family background and the situation they were in, they were like Romeo and Juliet because they experienced true love. Love is very much Shakespeare’s theme, and in reflecting on love in Shakespeare one must begin with Romeo and Juliet, for it appears to be the purest description of the phenomenon of love and depiction of fate in the world (Bloom 6). ” Conclusion – The case of Malik and Pathan is just one of the hundreds of thousands of real life stories that resemble Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This maybe so because Shakespeare was successful in writing fiction that has a very high similarity to what happens in real life. Because of the popularity of the novel and the theme of love and fighting for it, Malik and Pathan and other real life Romeo and Juliet couple finds the courage and inspiration to do the right thing and fight for their love.


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