I agree with the opinion given in the post. It has often been said that to become a parent, a person must be emotionally, physically, psychologically and financially prepared for it. In this given case a person becomes responsible for the welfare of a human being that is his child. The child should be taken cared of and should feel loved at all times. Shaken Baby Syndrome is a form of child abuse wherein the parent whether intentional or not shakes the baby out of stress, anger, pressure or other causes.

Any reason that may be advanced by the parent for doing such act should not be countenanced. The act of ‘shaking’ the baby may lead to serious consequences such as head injuries, blindness, trauma and even death. A parent or whoever is taking care of the baby should be responsible enough to ensure that he or she would not do anything that would put the safety of the child in jeopardy. I agree with the point raised that there is inadequate knowledge of the deleterious effects of the ‘shaken baby syndrome’ which has caused too many untold sufferings by innocent children.

The hospitals and the government should work together to ensure that there would be an end to this. First time parents should be briefed about how to handle their baby properly. For instance, if there would be any finding by the hospital that a parent does not seem to be in his right frame of mind to take care of a child, then adequate steps should be taken to ensure that the baby would be entrusted to more responsible persons.

The parents should also be taught on how to diligently bring their children to regular doctor visits so that any sign that would reveal that a baby is suffering from this syndrome would be treated right away. The government for its part can pass stringent laws that would impose strict penalties for parents who are irresponsible in taking care of their babies.

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