Sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that can be passed on from person to person through engaging in sexual activities. They include syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and human immunodeficiency virus. Sexually transmitted disease is a serious problem and presents health risks and complications for everyone. This can lead to infertility, perinatal complications, cancers, sepsis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ectopic pregnancy (Worell, 2002, p. 1034). It is also especially seen in women. Most of the diseases are asymptomatic and it might be too late for infected people to obtain treatment.

It has become a worldwide problem and the number of people who are contracting the diseases is not decreasing. The people in Lubbock, Texas were not exempted from this problem and in 2006, it appeared that the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases increased as compared to previous years (Bolls, 2007). The fact that people are not fully educated about such diseases increases their risk of contracting them. This is apparent to young people who engage in sexual activities and not taking the time to be careful in their decisions.

One of the things that people can do, especially young people, is to have protected sex at all times. Protection can be in the form of contraceptives like condoms, which are easily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. There is no reason why people cannot use this because of its availability. However, some individuals do not like to use condoms because of sexual reasons. I think that these people should think twice and consider the consequences of their decisions before even making one. If the use of contraceptives is not possible or preferred, I suggest that it would be better if people engage in sex with only one partner.

This decreases their chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases because the sexual activities are only done between the couple and bodily fluids are not shared with multiple partners. Having a single partner can also help people have stronger relationships and can increase the intimacy that they share. The sexual activities can then mean more and become special because it is shared by two people who really care about each other. While there are many solutions for this type of problem, it seems that education is the best way for it to be solved or for the number of cases to decrease.

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Educating people will allow them to become more aware of the different types of sexually transmitted diseases, how it can be passed on, its complications, and its treatments. If people become knowledgeable of the risks that sexually transmitted diseases can bring to their health, it is probable that they will be more careful when engaging in sexual activities. Texas health officials agree state that “studies have shown young adults who receive comprehensive sex education tend to wait longer before having sex, have a lower number of partners and are more likely to use protection” (Aaron, 2003).

It is not clear why Lubbock, Texas became number one in terms of the most number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases reported in the country. However, locals of this town and even citizens of the country should not be alarmed because there are ways on how to solve this problem. It is important that they remember to always think twice to make the right decisions. It is also recommended that they wait and abstain themselves, especially teenagers, before engaging in sexual activities. The support of the community as well as the participation of the locals will make the fight against sexually transmitted diseases easier and more manageable.


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