Sports and games have been of great importance at all levels of people’s civilization. Both sports and games have been used as a way of to help people develop and test the needed skills. They have been used in various ways in different fields of work and recreation purposes. From the early time of the youth stage of our fore great grandfathers, sport and games were used in certain activities such as food gathering, hunting, and farming in a community.

The communities preferred sporting and games to create an environment that gave opportunities to the youthful aged persons, especially men an experience aimed at strengthening their physical body fitness. This was quite paramount for the youth for they gained and got prepared for real life activities. In the actual sense, most tribes were rivals and enmity was in the rampant situation at that period. Due to this wary conditions which prevailed in almost all levels of community hierarchy, sporting events were by then used as training for battle action.

Men of bravely often meet at training grounds to practice the tactics and prove their prowess of defending the families and communities from attacks of the rival groups. Young men who proved to have classic skills and abilities in the sporting activities were highly treasured by all the community members. Thus most of the sporting and gaming activities were contests of combat skills. This included wrestling, javelin, discus throwing, and archery, shot put, running and boxing. Thus the early games and sports did not involve much concentration of mixing both male and females in most parts of the world.

As the new games and sports emerged with time, boat sports and horse running formed major part of interest. Also included in sporting were ball plays such football volleyball, net ball and many more field events. In addition, there emerged even much luxurious plays which required a few square meters which are played indoors. The purpose of sports has nowadays taken surprising and amazing pathways with dramatic changes occurring in the management and control of the sporting events. Sports are at present being used mainly as entertainment events as well as for economic satisfaction.

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Some communities are exploiting the sporting ground as resource to gain finances. For instances, the Maldivian of south India depend heavily on tourist who uses the Maldives island to enjoy water sports. Mountains of Nepal full of rugged feature are major sources of income to Sherpa making them wealthiest people of the region. However, it should be highly noted that sports are part of culture in the world. (Guttmann, 1988) Some of the sports are universally popular while others are part of regional culture. As long as the issues are concerned, culture is in intimate relation with the people’s behavior.

Thus, matters concerning sexual issues often always do arise in sports and games. Some of the issues that do arise from sporting create tensions to players, spectators, and the entire management leaders involved in the various activities of ensuring the success of the sporting events. However, there is major role which is played by sports in the cultural field and social life of individuals. Although it sometimes brings agony through the deviation of sexual behaving by some uncouth individuals with self interest, it brings an opportunity period for reconciliation between individuals or teams or even nations.

In sports, there are those people who get involved in the evangelistic works. When there are cases of enmity, they take the initiative to see that during sports days they air words of reconciliation to the concerned parties. This is may be taken as diplomatic way of finding the way forward to bringing the teams or any two parties together for the betterment of advancing universal peace. (McCormick, 1988) The ten plus decades data have shown that sport participants have undergone a revolutionary change in the attitude towards sexuality preferences.

It is said that sexual expression is a natural part f ones well round life. Many people who are participants on sports have been heard being in having an overwhelming need for sex at different categories. Some of the sexual preferences are against the norms of communities but too many of the players as well as spectators and leaders have supported these kinds of behaviors. Due to pre-occupation of sexy feeling to some of the sports players, activities of some of teams have been interfered with. Some players find themselves spending much of their time in sexually related activities.

This has led them to neglecting of important aspects of their today daily life in social and occupational areas. Although some have found it difficult to coup with this kind of living, their struggles to escape from the dungeons of sexual activities have been all in vain. Numerous individuals cannot control or reduce their sexual needs and desires. Thus the sexual behavior has become a problem in the field of sports. This has been displayed in various ways during sporting and other activities in other fields by the players. Some of the individuals have been reported having multiple sexual partners or extramarital affairs.

Others are having sex with a succession of anonymous partners or prostitutes whom they treat them as sex objects. (Zuckerman, (1994) To a larger extent, some get themselves involved in the commercial sexually explicit phone lines and internet chat rooms, which in turn yields to engagement in excessive masturbation. The problem of sex issues is augmented by the activities of frequently phonographic materials at their disposal. Such materials display homosexuality, heterosexuality and message of bisexuality practices. This has leads to some of the sportsmen to expose themselves to the public.

The change of sexuality from the early sexual behavior of heterosexuality has been received by the world in different manner. Some protagonists of the new sexualities do not admit that there is illegal sexuality behavior. A large numbers of them are sportsmen from all sorts of sport field. This has created space for homosexuality, bisexuality, and multi-sexuality in the field of sports. Lobby groups and other organizations are fighting for the legalization of all sorts of sexual expression. A number of governments are against some of these practices such as homosexuality.

They have declared it as illegal practice but many of the sports participants are defied to the rules and regulation of it. To the government is a state of hooliganism which deters them from getting in to their career and advancing in it. The recent reforms by a numbers of governments in the area of sexuality have shown lessening control over ones private life. Thus many sexuality problem have pave in the communities on the planet . sexuality is currently been returned to a personal sphere to be managed under the self domain. (Guttmann, 1988) Different views on homosexuality have been presented by different people in different departments.

In the religious view, some of the people consider homosexuality normal and consecrated while others generally view it negatively. Church like Roman Catholic teaches people that they should only have heterosexual affairs, and only when married. They states that people with homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity, but such tendencies are contrary to the natural law and must be overcome. Definite denominations, such as the Anglican and Protestant Church have become more liberal, but the Christian majority still views homosexual relationships as sinful.

Others range from the conservative mainstream view of homosexuality as sinful to the liberal acceptance in the modification movement. (Sampson, 1993) As the sports ground have been misused in the areas of sexual activities, then care of communities which requires to exploring and expanding in sporting field should put in place the necessary mechanism to combat such behavior. Many reports have been given vivid evidence that lesbians and gay people are major threats to communities in sporting activities. The violence against innocent peoples has been caused by people who are homosexual.

This means that they are either gays or lesbians. Eldest players who well concentrated on play activities did not involve themselves in sexual work like the phenomenon seen today. During that time, sexual violence towards youth, children and adults in sports was not too common. When such sexual violence are becoming rampant to people from either players, coaches and any others administrator or even spectators, the team is weakened and the persons involved are threatened and scared. Lesbians have been reported as the most troublesome in causing countless chaos in sporting activities.

Spectators have been observed to sit in certain groups in the pavilions according to sexual preferences. Furthers investigations indicated that most lesbians causes much physical harm and harassments to innocents who come close to them. They touch the private parts of those none lesbians while in public making them to feel irritated and annoyed. Gay men and sex workers are at very high risk in sporting. The recent reports showed that some the people are strongly against the practice of homosexuality. The homophobic of a certain community beat one man for not even practicing but for only declaring that he was a gay. (Guttmann, 1988)

Gay and lesbianism are therefore two major activities that are adversely affecting the sports in most parts of the world. There are quite dangerous in the ruining of morals of the communities. By practicing the two homosexual acts is like diminishing the powers and authorities of the supernatural being. Furthermore the live continuity in sports is endangered. When lesbianism and gay is practiced, this means that there will be very few people who will bear children. As a result of this the population of country will grow at very low rates. The players of sports are bound not to transfer their genetic materials to the future generations.

The consequences of this will result in poor performance in the various sports. Bisexual and extra sexuality practices have been indicated as threats to progression of sports. Many people practicing such are not safe from the sexually transmitted diseases. Diseases such HIV/ aids has been reported to claim lives of scores of players in the sports fields. The perils have created great concerned as the need to curb the killers disease are at dismal points. The only solution attached to this problem which is claiming thousands of people every day has been abstinence from sexual acts.

This is very hard for most players are engaged in multiple sexualities. (Zuckerman, 1994) However, to abolish this is hard. This is because many prominent people encourage it. They give claims and arguments which are totally baseless and false. Such arguments are given to coaches and players to believe that having open lesbian, gay or bisexual team members negatively affect team unity or performance. It is a believed that the main important factor determining how an openly gay, lesbian or bisexual player is received depends on the leadership provided by coaches and team captains.

The head coaches lay down the tone which is either positive or negative. When the coach takes a stand for respect and openness, the team is more likely to follow this lead. When the coach reacts with injustice, fear or distress, the team probably reacts similarly. When a bisexual, gay or lesbian team member is open about his/her identity and is accepted and respected, this has a positive effect on both team unity and performance. This experience often helps heterosexual team members overcome label they have about lesbian, gay and bisexual people and encourages frankness and reverence among everyone on the team. (Sampson, 1993)


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