1. None of these statistics were all that shocking. Obviously teenagers are having sex more now than in past decades because presently, sex is such a common thing. It is everywhere. The fact that adolescents are learning more about sex from the media than from their parents probably plays a big role in teenage sexual activity. The only thing that really struck me as surprising is that the United States has higher rates of teen pregnancy than anywhere else in the world. We are such a developed country, and yet we have failed to really teach kids anything about safe sex it seems. That or they have failed to listen and have chosen instead to copy sexual activity as it is portrayed by the media.

2. This statement means that the media basically holds the key to changing the way teenagers approach sex and safe sex. Since the media is one of the primary means for sex education, the media can easily help solve the issues surrounding sex by teaching and influencing teenagers in an appropriate manner. For example, rather than broadcasting sitcoms where young adults engage in casual, unsafe sex, the media should focus on introducing kids to safe sex practices.

3. I absolutely agree with this statement. Sex is everywhere in American media. Movies, television, music, it all screams sex. In America, sex sells. Even commercials are sexually suggestive. It is impossible to avoid, especially when we consider the amount of time we spend wrapped up in the media.

4. I think there should be more contraceptive advertising in the media. If we are going to allow the media to be sexually suggestive, then it is only reasonable for us to demand that the media advertise methods of safe sex. Obviously adolescents pay attention to what they experience via television and radio, so it seems like a perfect way to introduce and reiterate the message we want to send to kids and young adults. The advertising would be no more offensive than the sexual related material itself.

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5. The most important, in my opinion, is the use of contraceptives being portrayed by the media as part of normal, healthy sexual relationships. I think a huge factor in sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy has to do with the pressure experienced by girls. We have all seen television shows where the boy pressures the girl to have sex without even a condom. That message sticks with young girls and teaches them that sex without protection is pleasing to their partners. Of course young girls aim to please young boys, so they repeat what they see. If the use of contraceptives was portrayed as normal by the media, more kids would be apt to using them, thus decreasing the amount of unwanted teenage pregnancies and the number of young adults with STDs.


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